You Light Up My World

A hidden relationship, hiding from her horrid foster parents. This is the life of Riley. The only people she can trust are the 5 biggest pop stars in the world... One Direction. When she first meets them she sees that they are the only people that can rescue her from the hell she is living through. When a relationship starts to grow between she and Zayn she realizes this is her first time she can have the happy safe future she deserves.


2. The escape


I was going crazy. Jim used to put the tracker on my leg every time I went to work. Now it is every hour of everyday that I have it on. Since I didn’t have to support Willy, Jacob, and Skylar I really didn’t need three jobs. But it was my only way to get away from Jim.

                  One of my jobs was at the local Starbucks here in London. I take a bus to get there from Jim’s house. Every morning he expects me to make him and his new woman coffee and breakfast. If I try to leave for work first he will shove me to the ground, bruising my face and bend my legs forward in the wrong direction until I cry and promise to make him everything he wants. I also have to wash his gross infested sheets that probably carry HIV or something. Or else he will chain me in the closet with no food or anything for 10 hours. This is so I “learn my lesson.”

                  At work there isn’t really anyone I can talk to but this girl named Tessa. She understands everything. She recently moved in with her boyfriend but I haven’t been keeping in touch with her as much as I wish I could. I haven’t even gotten her boyfriends name. Now I am saving up for a phone so I would be able to communicate with people rather than be locked up in Jim’s house.  I told my three jobs that I would be gone for vacation the following week. However, I wasn’t coming back… I was going to escape!

                  Here was my plan; I was going to wait for Jim to be drunk. When he is sleeping with his lady then I will steal his keys. Using his keys I will unlock the safe in the basement. That is where the keys are to unlock the tracker on my ankle. Then, using the remote that I will get from his room before he comes in with his newest lady I will unlock the back door and run. Seems simple right? But even when Jim is drunk he acts the same. He is still suspicious, mean, but most of all he gets even more aggressive when he is drunk.

                  It was Tuesday when I started putting my belongings into a duffel bag. It was fairly small and I knew I could sneak out with it easily considering I only had a few belongings. I had my clothes, the One Direction poster Skylar gave me, some paper and pens so I could write Willy, Jacob, and Skylar, and two pictures of me and my parents from when I was 4 and 7. I was all set to go. The only thing I was waiting for was a time when Jim was too careless to go through his daily routine because of being drunk or something else.

                  As expected Jim was drunk the next day. He went into the room with this new lady who looked totally like a hooker. I jumped at the opportunity and got out of my room searching the premise for the keys and the remote. I heard disturbing groans from the bedroom and almost ran back into my bedroom. Luckily I searched for one last moment and found the keys. I juggled them in my hands, so pleased with my findings. I hustled to the basement with my duffel bag in hand. I turned on the light to the basement when I heard a loud beep coming from some alarm. I prayed that Jim hadn’t heard and quickly opened the safe. I struggled to unlock the tracker on my leg but after wiggling and forcing the key it was off. I could already taste freedom. I ran back up stairs and grabbed the remote that was in the cookie jar. (Jim never suspected that I knew where the remote was but I caught on fairly easily.) I pressed the button and heard the familiar click. It too was very loud. I heard a scream from Jim and then I bolted. Jim came running from the room completely undressed and had a knife in hand. I was off like a rocket. Sprinting for my life. I felt a sudden shock in my left shoulder. I felt blood trickling down. The painful sensation was so much to handle but I kept running.  Behind me I heard Jim screaming and swearing at me but I just ran. I stopped when I was 4 blocks away from the house. I looked at my shoulder. A knife handle was sticking out of it. I tried to pull but even touching the knife brought a burning sensation through my arm. I screamed. I was whiter than a ghost and sweating like crazy at this point. I ripped open my duffel and grabbed a T-shirt. I put it around the wound but it did little to nothing considering that the knife was still in my shoulder.

                  I looked around totally unaware of my surroundings; it took a bit to realize but I was very close to the Starbucks I worked at.  I barged through the doors hoping to find a familiar co-worker. I felt like the luckiest girl ever when I saw Tessa working the register.

“Tessa!” I screeched

“Oh my god! What the hell happened?” She asked examining my arm from behind the counter. Immediately he jumped over the counter and came to my assistance. She told me to get into her car. I did as told and she quickly drove me to the hospital.


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