You Light Up My World

A hidden relationship, hiding from her horrid foster parents. This is the life of Riley. The only people she can trust are the 5 biggest pop stars in the world... One Direction. When she first meets them she sees that they are the only people that can rescue her from the hell she is living through. When a relationship starts to grow between she and Zayn she realizes this is her first time she can have the happy safe future she deserves.


1. My Life In Hell


Currently I live in a foster home. I have three foster siblings that are the closest thing if have to family. My foster dad is a scumbag! I call him Jim. He sleeps with a different woman every night. (I sure feel bad for those women)  He comes home midday drunk and out of control. Swearing in front of my 9-year-old foster brothers (they are twins) He hates us all.

The only reason he actually fosters us is because he is so dumb and a crazy bastard so can’t hold a job. The childcare checks that he gets ever 3 months are supposed to be for my foster siblings and me. He will probably use a fourth of a check to use for food for all 4 of us for the whole year. He keeps the rest of the money for himself, mainly for booze.

He won’t let anything risk his chance of getting his payments. So I never have a chance to sneak out. I have 3 jobs just to care for my younger siblings and me and he still monitors me (drunk or sober) to make sure I am not running away.

I recently turned 17 but already graduated high school because I skipped 4th grade back when my parents were still alive. I know I can out whit Jim and sneak away but then I would be scared for what he would do to my siblings, Skylar, Jacob, and Willy. Truthfully they are the only reason that I am the person I am; working three jobs, being tortured by this horrid man day after day.

Skylar is 15, although technically you need a workers permit at her age she is still out trying to find a job to help support us 4. Skylar and I do girly things together like gossip. Recently I have been joining her with her obsession with the hottest boy band ever, One Direction. She shows me video after video. Picture after picture. She saw someone throw away a ton of magazines and dove in the dumpster and convinced me to help her (unfortunately because I stank after that) and we ended up finding a One direction magazine containing 3 posters which we put up in our room and adore everyday. At first I was skeptical about how she could ever be so obsessed but then I realized that they were just so hot, adorable, funny, real, outgoing, and talented that I couldn’t help but love them too.

Jacob has asthma. This is probably why I feel so obligated to protect him because I am worried about what could happen to him. He is nine and the nerdy kind. Not like weird more like a cute kind of nerdy. He and his brother have been through so much but all Jacob does is learn. He is really something. He is a great little brother and I love him just like one too.

Jacob’s twin Willy is just as adorable. He has this little Mohawk thing going on, he has the cutest smile. Willy is a bundle of energy really. He bounces on the walls literally. He and I always have a good time and he really makes me laugh. I love him too. He and Jacob are the best younger brothers I could ever ask for.

Back to Jim, he is convinced that I am always trying to sneak out, I went down stairs to grab Jacobs’s inhaler. Jim saw me and hit me flat on my head with a beer bottle. It shattered and luckily Skylar found me unconscious while Jim got sidetrack. I just recovered from a severe concussion that I couldn’t get any help for because Jim would never pay for anything medical related.

I woke up in the morning to find Skylar shaking my arm, Willy crying into her shoulder and Jacob bawling his eyes out into his teddy bear. We all shared a bed because that was all we had. Like usual I had slept in because I didn’t need to help any one get ready for school since it was Saturday.

“We are leaving” Skylar whimpered

“WHAT?” I retorted

“ The social security lady came by and told us she found us a more permanent home by a better school, and a nicer family.”

“Oh my gosh! That’s great!” I shouted excitedly. I was so ready to get out of this hellhole. But why were they all so sad? This was good news; we finally will get to leave Jim.

“NO!” Willy said assertively

“You aren’t coming with,” Jacob said as if finishing Willy’s phrase. Skylar burst out in tears. I wanted to cry but I knew this was all for the better. In months I would be able to leave and now I can leave knowing they will all be safe.

“Huh? Why?” I asked curiously hoping they were joking.

“The lady said that we were going there for the school, you graduated already and the new family doesn’t have room for you.” Skylar murmured. I thought about if this meant I should go to college. Sure it has always been an option. Jim didn’t want me to go because of course he wanted his payments for fostering me, but I did get accepted into colleges. I thought for a bit but then thought about costs. I decided to flush that thought out of mind.

“Stop, you can’t cry. I love you all but you and I both know that living here, with Jim… its hell” I murmured not wanting to swear in front of the boys. “You guys are going to have such a great life, knew school, nicer, SAFER family. I promise as soon as I turn 18 and can leave I will come and see you guys. Until then I will just write you.”

“But, but I want you to come with” Jacob whined.

“I know, but Skylar will take care of you guys. You will be with a better family, nothing like Jim.” I synched as I said that hoping that the new family would really be better. “Skylar, promise me you will always protect these little boogers. After all, we are all family.” I announced bringing them all into a hug.

“I… I will protect them,” Skylar announced between cries. With that I helped them all pack the few belongings they did have. Skylar walked over to me with posters in hand. She gave me the one where Zayn was in the middle and claimed, “Now you can look at your love all day.” She said in a joking tone. I chuckled a bit then thanked her. I gave Skylar Jacobs inhaler. I was with them for the rest of the time before they left. We spent our time crying and talking about what each of their futures would be like.

An hour passed and then the Social security lady came in. we came into a group hug and we bid our farewells. Jim was muttering under his breath that they should leave after he gets another payment. They left and I had tears in my eyes. Jim turned to me and said, “ You will NOT escape,” he screamed bitterly. He watched me go up into my room and used the lock that is on the other side of the door so I was locked in. I could hear the clamor of the metal against metal. I heard his foot steps trail off down the stairs. I was locked in my room, locked in hell.

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