You Light Up My World

A hidden relationship, hiding from her horrid foster parents. This is the life of Riley. The only people she can trust are the 5 biggest pop stars in the world... One Direction. When she first meets them she sees that they are the only people that can rescue her from the hell she is living through. When a relationship starts to grow between she and Zayn she realizes this is her first time she can have the happy safe future she deserves.


4. Meeting the boys


I needed to stay in the hospital for 1 more day. Tessa and Niall went back to their flat to go get the other boys. She was going to bring them here and I was going to get to meet them!

While she was gone I tried writing my letter to Skylar and the boys. Since they left we write each other at least twice a week. I always got the letters sent to the Starbucks I work at. However since I told them that I was going to escape I told them to not send it there anymore. Now I had to write her a letter explaining my situation, which I knew Skylar was going to be so jealous of. Who wouldn’t be? I was going to move in with One Direction!

I am a righty, how convenient right? Yes, it was my right shoulder that got stabbed. I could barely lift my arm. I tried writing it with my left hand but it was illegible (more illegible than Willy’s and Jacob’s handwriting, shocking right?) I had nothing to type it on too so I just decided that I would ask Tessa to help me with it later. I sat in my bed looking up at the ceiling. Suddenly I heard a loud scream from the hallway, “Oi, Louis! You can’t just take carrots from the patients lunch trays!” I could tell it was Niall that said that.

I started freaking out. I went from being trapped, locked prisoner by Jim, to be moving in with One Direction in 1 day. They all walked in behind Tessa and Niall who were hand and hand. I thought to my self how perfect they were for one another. Right away my eyes locked with Zayn’s. We both smiled as he said, “Vas Happenin?”

 I giggled slightly and replied “Doing better now that there are people other than doctors here” He then gave a small chuckle and held out his hand, “I’m Zayn you’re Riley right?”

“Yeah” I said, so shocked by the fact that I was talking to Zayn Malik. After that Louis, Harry and Liam all introduced them selves to me formally just as Zayn had. They all sat down in chairs around the bed. Liam was first to ask how I managed to get stabbed. I told them everything from how I was living with my foster siblings and how they left. Then I moved on to how I escaped, all the way down to how I was at the hospital right now. Throughout my long explanation I saw everyone’s mouths drop open and they all just sat there in shock. We talked a bit more about my situation but then Niall got hungry so I joined them for lunch in the cafeteria.

When we got down there Zayn held the door for me and everyone else. I couldn’t help but notice that he was quite the gentleman. We all got our food and although it seems easy to do everything with one hand, it wasn’t. I had trouble with everything, I kind of just laughed about it, but inside I was getting very frustrated. On the other hand, since I couldn’t move my right arm all the boys all helped me get my food and open packages and stuff. We all got along together great.  Liam told me a funny story about he and his brother Nickolas whom he calls Nick. (Authors note: I made him up just go with it) I guess they were both on top of a building throwing water balloons at kids below. I don’t know how the story came up but I did find out that Nick is only a few months older than Skylar.

Throughout the day even though I still needed to be monitored, I still ran around the hospital with the boys. To be nice they visited some little kid patients who were so happy to be meeting One Direction and so shocked that they were here. At one point we ended up all chasing Louis around the hospital because he was going around asking all these nurses for their numbers. As a joke he turned straight around pretending to give up but instead dove through Harry’s Legs. We all kept chasing him when I fell. No one noticed but Zayn so he was the only one who stopped. It was so sweet; he helped me up and made sure that I was okay. I blushed a bit because I was a little embarrassed that I fell, but I didn’t care because Zayn and me were together and he was just so nice about everything.

It was strange really because he comes across as the Bradford bad boy but he is really just a sweet heart who is very kind and polite.

Zayn and I got caught up for a few moments when we realized we should try to catch Louis. We heard him coming up on the corner to our right. Zayn motioned for me to come over to the wall. I stood very close to him with our backs on the wall so it was hard to see us. Louis ran straight into our little trap. Zayn grabbed Louis by the back of the shirt. Liam caught up to us first and while Zayn pinned Louis to the floor in a joking manner Liam and I sat on Louis’ back then Zayn came a joined us.

The nurse came around the corner at the same time as Tessa, Niall, and Harry did. She yelled at us for being to loud and told me that I needed some rest. I walked back to the room before I hugged everyone good-bye. Before I left Tessa told me that she would be here bright and early the following morning and I was going to leave the hospital and go move in with her and the boys. I was so excited I just wanted to scream. I kept my silence but showed a huge smile on my face. Anyone could tell I was excited; all I had to do was wait for tomorrow. With my happy ideas in mind, I went to bed.

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