You Light Up My World

A hidden relationship, hiding from her horrid foster parents. This is the life of Riley. The only people she can trust are the 5 biggest pop stars in the world... One Direction. When she first meets them she sees that they are the only people that can rescue her from the hell she is living through. When a relationship starts to grow between she and Zayn she realizes this is her first time she can have the happy safe future she deserves.


15. How Do You Know Each Other?



Riley’s POV: When Zayn and I got home we explained that we ran into my foster siblings and that they would be joining us at the carnival tomorrow. Tessa was very happy to be seeing them again and everyone wanted to meet them. It was about 7:00 and we were watching a movie. I was sitting between Zayn and Liam. I heard Liam’s phone buzz then he turned to everyone and announced, “Nick’s plane just landed, I’m going to go pick him up. Anyone care to join me?”

“I’ll come! I want to meet mini Payne” Shouted Louis

“I’d like to join you” Harry exclaimed. The three of them left while the rest of us stayed behind. As the movie carried on I fell asleep on Zayn’s shoulder.

            I woke up the next morning still on the couch but my head was rested on Zayn’s lap and he was sleeping with his head facing up, his mouth open, and his back up straight. It must have been an uncomfortable sleep I thought to my self. I stretched out and yawned but then sneezed. Zayn woke up startled. I laughed and explained that I just sneezed. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me. I turned my head and pecked his lips, “How’d you sleep?” I asked.

“Fine” He replied. I knew his back must have been sore so I released his arms from around me and went behind him. I started massaging his back soothingly.

“I can tell your back aches,” I explained

“Thanks babe, your very good at this.” I giggled a bit because of the way he referenced me. Then we both turned our heads to the unfamiliar voice coming from the basement.

“Liam! I won not you!” We both new it must be Nick so we walked towards steps to introduce ourselves.

“Look my back is fine.” Zayn said picking me up over his shoulder. He was carrying me by my legs so I was folded over his body. I laughed and Zayn ran me down the stairs. He plopped me down on my butt on the couch. He helped me up and we both stood up and walked over to Liam and Nick. Nick was almost as tall as Liam. Liam is like 5’ 10” and Nick was around 5’ 9” or 5’ 8” He has lusty brown hair the same color as Liam’s. Unlike Liam, Nicks head was not shaved, his hair was a reasonable length going to his forehead. It was curly, messy and child-like; it didn’t look bad at all it was actually kind of cute and fit his age. 

            “Hi I’m Zayn, this is my girlfriend Riley.” Zayn said shaking Nick’s hand. I smiled and said hi and shook his hand too.

“What are you two fighting about?” I asked curiously.

“Well, I beat Nick in foosball by one point, but apparently I cheated” Liam said laughing at their silly fight.

“Then you have to have a rematch.” Zayn said eagerly

“It’s okay Liam may have won, how about we play you two. Teams?” Nick asked politely. We agreed and played a short match to 7 together.  Zayn took the 3 handles to the left and I took the two to the right on our half. Liam took the two across from me and Nick took the three across from Zayn. It went on for while we were all cheering and screaming at goals against one another. Nick and Liam lost to me and Zayn and Nick pretended to cry in defeat. Zayn and I jumped up high fiving each other in a cheesy way, celebrating.

            All of our cheering woke up the other boys. Zayn and I both must have fallen asleep last night before everyone else because the other boys had introduced themselves to Nick last night. Time flew by and it reached 10:00, “Hey guys we should leave soon for the carnival, I told my foster siblings that I would pick them up at 11.” I announced to everyone

            “Okay, we will take two cars. Riley let’s go first and we can go pick up your foster siblings, we can fit two more in our car. Who wants to join us?” Zayn asked

            “We can join you two… Right Nick” Liam said to Zayn, Nick and I. “Ya lets go” Nick replied excitedly.

            I got dressed into yoga pants and a sweatshirt then headed for the car. I sat in the front with Zayn who was driving. Nick and Liam sat in the middle row of the car. Leaving the back open for Jacob, Willy and Skylar. The car ride to their house consisted of questions between each of us and Nick.

            We pulled into the driveway. I stepped out of the car to go ring the doorbell. It was a rather nice cottage. It had stone steps, a football in the front lawn and a couple bikes. I was very pleased that the house looked like such a safe environment for Willy, Jacob, and Skylar; much better then the one Jim gave us.

            I was about to ring the bell when Skylar opened the door. She brought me into a hug, I was so happy to see her again. Willy came through the door, as did Jacob. I pulled out of the hug and hear the door of the car open. I assumed it would have been Zayn but it was Nick.

“SKYLAR? Is that really you?” He asked, screaming. Skylar’s mouth dropped when she looked at him.

“Nick? Why are you here?” Skylar said confused. I was so confused as well. “You too know each other?” I interrupted.  Neither of them really heard and they just ran to each other embracing one another in a hug.

“I didn’t think I would ever see you again.”  Nick announced to her. By this point Zayn and Liam were both out of the car, Liam smiled but Zayn looked just as confused as I did. Willy tugged at my arm, “Who are they?”

“My friend and his brother, Skylar must know him.” I whispered back to him.


            Skylar’s POV: I opened the door and hugged Riley. I was so happy to see her again even though I just saw her yesterday. We pulled away from one another as Willy and Jacob came through the door. I was about to ask Jacob if he had his inhaler but I was interrupted by a familiar voice.  The voice was sweet and chocolate, memorizing with each syllable.  I knew that voice. I turned my head to see Nick.

            Nick had been my best friend back in Wolverhampton. I lived there with my parents. Nick and I were like brother and sister. We had a special bond that kept us friends through our whole lives. We were 10 when my parents were killed in a bank robbery. Nick comforted me through it but it wasn’t long until I was taken by authorities who dragged me off to a foster home. I was stuck with Jim; no contact with Nick, I never heard from him since; since I saw him now, before my eyes.

I couldn’t believe it was Nick in front of me. I had no idea why he was there but it was him, I ran to him embracing him in a hug. It was a long tight hug. I breathed in his boyish scent. I smiled remembering the scent. It reminded me of my previous life, one where I was happy, where my parents were alive.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” I murmured into his ear.

“Me too.” He said pulling away.

“Why are you even here?” I asked him confused.

“I came with Liam, you remember him right?” He said pointing to Liam. I can’t believe I never noticed it. I watched video after video, I saw picture after picture of Liam but I never recognized him. I had known Liam since I was little too. Now, he just looked so different. Nick looked a little different too but Liam, he used to be chubbier, his hair used to have a box form to it, and he also wasn’t that tall. Even when I was 9 and 10, still living in Wolverhampton I guess I never saw much of Liam because he was mainly as school, but I still can’t believe I never realized that the Liam Payne from One Direction, was the Liam Payne I grew up knowing.

“Hi Skylar” Liam chirped in smiling, ready to embrace me in a hug. I hugged him back then I turned to Riley who was saying, “How do you know each other?”   

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