You Light Up My World

A hidden relationship, hiding from her horrid foster parents. This is the life of Riley. The only people she can trust are the 5 biggest pop stars in the world... One Direction. When she first meets them she sees that they are the only people that can rescue her from the hell she is living through. When a relationship starts to grow between she and Zayn she realizes this is her first time she can have the happy safe future she deserves.


12. Good Morning Sunshine


Riley’s POV: I woke up and looked around the room. Tessa was still in her pink blanket rolled up breathing heavily on the ground. I slowly got up and walked out of the room quietly shutting the door behind me.

I walked into the bathroom and freshened up a bit then headed downstairs to the kitchen. No one was in there so I decided to make everyone breakfast. Problem #1: I cannot cook for my life. I looked through the cabinets then came across a waffle maker. That seemed easy enough. I was in the middle of making the batter when Zayn walked down, “Morning” he mumbled groggily.

“You’re up early… at least for you, you are.” I commented. He had a blanket wrapped around his shoulders and his hair was all ruffled up. He smiled at me and smirked a bit. As he did that he approached me from behind wrapping his arms and the blanket around me. He started swaying to the sides.

“What shall we do today?” he asked cheerfully.

“Hmmm… maybe we ought to go to the carnival in town,” I hinted.

“Good idea, lets eat first” he giggled as he rubbed his belly; showing he was hungry. I motioned for him to stir, he did. Then I heated up the waffle maker. I took the bowl from him and began to pour the batter onto the bottom tray. I closed the top half on it and spun it once.

“Love, you forgot to put oil on the tray” Zayn pointed out. I put my head down to say that I’m stupid and giggled acknowledging my mistake. Zayn looked at me and thought out loud, “These will probably not come off that easy.”

 I opened the tray and looked at the waffle stuck to the top half. Zayn gave me the spatula and stood across from me laughing. I pried the waffle off. It flung off the tray onto Zayn’s chest. He caught it and then looked at me pretending to be mad. I widened my eyes in a playful fear. Zayn scooped up some batter and threw it at me. We were laughing so hard but the battle was not over… I had to get him back. I wiped my eyes clear of the batter and grabbed the whole bowl.

 “Fatty!” Zayn joked

I scoped more up and threw it at him. He dropped the blanket from his back and his jaw dropped down. He started running away, “Malik! You get back here!” I screamed trying to be serious, I couldn’t keep a straight face and started laughing. I looked down and grabbed some more batter. Zayn was out of my sight so I slowly turned my head. I was picked up from behind I let go of the bowl and it just fell a couple feet to the ground. Batter was everywhere but neither of us seemed to mind. I smeared the batter that was on my hand onto his face. He twirled me around careful not to injure my right shoulder any more than it was. He laid down with his back to the couch. He pulled me in so I was on top of him. He brushed away a strand of my hair and then gently brushed his warm lips against mine. It still sent my heart fluttering, and made me lightheaded - it was perfect. We pulled apart, resting our foreheads on each other as Zayn kissed my nose gently.  

            We were interrupted by Louis; who pretended to gag at the sight of us kissing. I rolled off of Zayn and sat beside him interlocking our hands.

            “What a mess!” Louis declared. I giggled remembering the batter all over my face and floor. Zayn stood up and pulled me up by my one able arm. We walked back into the kitchen and got some rags and then cleaned up our mess. I went back up stairs to clean my face off and I made sure I didn’t wake up Tessa. Zayn did the same and met me downstairs. Louis was on the couch watching some documentary when I suggested, “Lets go out for breakfast.”

“Ya, clearly you two are incapable of making it yourself,” Louis said sarcastically. Zayn gave me a look of coy and I blushed a bit. We then agreed with Louis and decided to wake up everyone else so they could join us. I ran into Tessa/my bedroom and pulled the blanket from beneath her making her wake up shockingly. I explained that we were going to breakfast and told her to go wake up Niall. I walked into Liam’s room where Zayn and Louis were shaking the mattress trying to get him up. I just laughed as Zayn looked at me smiling. I motioned to the cup of water next to Liam’s bed and winked. Zayn nodded; with a fake evil laugh he dumped it on Liam. Liam screamed and sat up startled. He threw a pillow at Zayn and then got up out of bed slowly. He acted tired but then shot up to Louis. He just about pounced onto him, then he chased Zayn, Louis and I out, he clearly wanted some beauty sleep. We turned to Harry’s room; it was easy to get him up because he already was. He was in bed texting.

            “Stop sexting!” Louis screamed jokingly.

“Never!” Harry declared trying to play along. I looked at them and laughed, as did Zayn.

“Harry we are going to go to breakfast you coming?” I asked.

He nodded

“Alright you better leave Riley…”

“Why?” I questioned

“Well.. ermm.. Im naked.” Harry hushed

I laughed but he was actually serious so Zayn picked me up bridal style and spun me around and ran out,

“Close your eyes!!!” Zayn announced as Louis ran after us trying to escape before Harry got out of bed.  As Zayn carried me down stairs I asked, “Is he always naked?”

“Ya, he likes it a little too much” Zayn said laughing. I went to get my coat but had some trouble putting it on because of my sling. Zayn was helping me put my coat on as Louis ran up stairs. He came back down just as the coat was on completely. He was caring some blanket of sorts. He unfolded it and announced, “Here’s a poncho!”

“Umm.. Louis, why do you have a poncho?” I asked him since I was very curious on the matter.

“Got it when we were on tour in Mexico.” Louis said proudly

“She doesn’t need it now” Zayn told Louis. Louis smile faded and he gave me puppy dog eyes.

“Louis! Im not wearing that” I said giggling.

“Alright” Louis pouted trying to get me to give in, he eventually gave up and put it away knowing I would never wear it.  Everyone came downstairs but Niall and Tessa. We all looked at each other wondering what they were up too.

“I got my camera” Harry said wanting to investigate. We all tip toed up stairs not making a sound. We could hear Tessa and Niall. They were definitely making out. Harry was first to the door. He opened up his phone and turned on his camera. We all laughed silently at how into the “mission” Harry was.  He opened the door screaming, “NIALL HORAN! Stop sucking poor Tessa’s face off!!”

He was taking a video at this point and Niall and Tessa pulled away red as tomatoes. Louis, Liam, Zayn, and I were on the ground in hysterics all laughing so hard. Niall started chasing Harry to get the camera. Harry ran by me dropping the camera into my hands. Niall didn’t notice so he kept chasing Harry. Zayn then asked for the camera; which we hid. As we hid it Louis whispered to us, “Black mail fellas”

I smirked and wondered what Tessa was thinking.


Tessa’s POV: After Riley woke me up I wrapped my self in my blanket and waddled into Niall’s room. I laid down next to him and he rolled over awake. He kissed my forehead and smiled into the kiss. He breathed, “Morning sunshine.” I smiled

“Morning, we are going to breakfast with everyone.” I commented. I was about to get up to get dressed when Niall wrapped me up in his arms playfully.

“Babe, I don’t wanna get up…” he mumbled in my ear

“Not even for food?” I asked knowing that would get him up.  He processed the thought for a mere 3 seconds then popped up. Leading me out of bed by my hands. He spun me around a couple times and went to pick out some pants. We heard some commotion from outside, Liam was screaming and I could tell Riley was laughing. I giggled and threw a shirt at Niall.

“Wear this, it’s my favorite!” He took off his pajama top and as he was about to put on the white long sleeve with 4 brass buttons going down a quarter neck           he looked up, I was biting my lip. How could I not, he was so hot.

“Oo you like it do ya?” Niall said as he noticed me checking him out. His accent really showed too.

 “What’s not to like?” I asked cheekily. He was walking slowly over to me and leeringly grabbed me by the waist. His warm body wrapped around mine. I leaned into him; time stood still has our lips embraced each other. For all I knew, we were the only two people on earth in that moment. Everything was right in the world. I wrapped my arms around his neck and embraced him even more. It was so passionate I didn’t want to let go.

Niall smiled through the kiss, “I love you Tessa,” he murmured between breaths. We resumed kissing when the door burst open. Harry screamed “NIALL HORAN! Stop sucking poor Tessa’s face off!!”

Niall and I pulled apart totally embarrassed. How long was he watching I wondered? I was bright red as was Niall. Time had resumed to its cruel, cruel passing; all I wanted was to be alone with Niall once more. Niall noticed before I did that Harry was video taping our little session and he bolted off to catch Harry and delete the video. I walked out to see Zayn, Louis and Riley moving some things around suspiciously. I ignored it and went to get dressed for breakfast.

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