You Light Up My World

A hidden relationship, hiding from her horrid foster parents. This is the life of Riley. The only people she can trust are the 5 biggest pop stars in the world... One Direction. When she first meets them she sees that they are the only people that can rescue her from the hell she is living through. When a relationship starts to grow between she and Zayn she realizes this is her first time she can have the happy safe future she deserves.


9. Getting Together


Zayn’s POV: As soon as she looked at my body and bit her lip I thought that Riley actually might fancy me. I started to blush then asked her some questions about whom she wrote too and what her situation was. Her life has been quite the struggle. I wanted to keep talking to her about it but then we reached the post office. I held the door for her. While she was getting stamps and such I was busy thinking of places to go for lunch. I then thought of Balans which has a bar and Café since we were just going for lunch I figured we would just go to the café. It was only a block or so away. It is in Soho and is near Leicester Square.

As we walked into the café I had my hood up because it was crowded and I didn’t want people to spot me out here and ruin Riley and My day. We sat at a table in the corner. When our waiter came around I ordered a sarnie (sandwich) with turkey and pickles. Riley ordered fish and chips. Riley and I chatted a bit about my family but then began to talk about our interests. Riley told me that she loves music, animals, being outside and just hanging out with friends. Of course I put emphases on the fact that I love music. I also said that I love the out doors and being with friends. Also I told her more things that I enjoyed. We found out we had a lot in common. When our food came a girl that wasn’t our waiter brought it over. I thanked her and she just stared at me, Her eyes widened and a smile grew on her face. It was a bit strange. I had a feeling that she recognized me so I quickly looked down.

“You’re Zayn Malik?” She whispered

“Yes, I can sign something if you like but please keep your voice down” I said trying to sound cheerful, but hoping no one else would notice who I was. She said she would be back with something she wanted me to sign.

I apologized to Riley but she didn’t even seem to care.

“You’re nice to your fans its quite admirable” She said. The girl still hadn’t come back so I started to tell Riley a story about this one crazy fan.

“I was in my hotel when me and the boys went down to the pool. A girl had seen us in the hallway and little did we know, she was following us. We were all in the pool and at this point no one saw the girl who had a snorkel and was in the hot tub that was filled with suds and big bubbles so we couldn’t see through it. After we messed around in the pool we all got into the hot tub. We were all joking when Harry screeched”

I started to laugh before I finished the story, “He screamed that his shorts had been pulled off. He looked at all of us but our hands were all on the sides and out of the water. Louis then screamed because his trunks had been pulled off. I chuckled at them but I was really confused. Niall spotted the snorkel and pulled it up. A few seconds later when the girl ran out of air she came up gasping and screaming “ONE DIRECTION” We told her to get lost and she did. Louis and Harry’s pants were in her hand as she left so I ripped them from her. It was creepy but it was very funny.”

“Wow I can’t believe someone went to that extent.” We both laughed and looked into each other’s eyes. We saw a flash, it was the girl with her phone. It wasn’t a big deal that she took a picture I just wondered what she was going to do with the picture. She never came around to get any thing autographed so we just went on with our meal. When we finished up I paid only £10.00. we walked out and both wondered what the girl was going to do with the picture. I logged onto twitter looking for anything involving the picture. There it was, I had to admit it was a good picture, my head was turned so although I was wearing a hood it was obvious that it was I. We were both looking at each other, she is stunning I thought to my self. I thought all was well until I read the caption, “Zayn and his new lady fucker… what a whore”

I gasped, I wished I hadn’t so then Riley wouldn’t look at it but she did. She leaned over and read the whole thing. Her eyes started to tear up.

“You and I know that’s not true” I whispered trying to comfort her. I sat her down on some steps nearby. I wrapped my arms around her, just as she started to cry.

“How the hell can people be so insensitive?” She asked. She wasn’t crying hard she just had tears rolling down her face and I could tell she just needed someone to comfort her. I let her rest her head on my shoulder,

“People, fans, they don’t like to share. If they see any of us boys with a girl they jump to conclusions. I have a feeling that that girl who took the picture just wanted the attention. Don’t listen to them, you are beautiful don’t let what one girl says ruin anything about you.” I murmured into her ears. It felt like the right thing to do to kiss her forehead so I did. She turned her head towards mine and smiled.

Riley’s POV: After he kissed my forehead I turned to him and smiled. I moved in closer, he removed a strand of hair from my face, staring straight into my eyes. Slowly our faces began moving towards each other. The taste of his sweet minty breath enchanted me. His soft lips seemed to fit perfectly in mine, making my heart flutter uncontrollably. He was so gentle, so cautious. It was only a moment before he pulled away, smiling.

I looked at him and smiled too. We were on a step just inside of an alleyway and there was no one in sight. I was glad about that, just seeing the caption on the picture of us back in the café made me want to curl up into a ball and cry. Instead Zayn was there and although I showed that I was sad and I shed some tears I was very pleased that Zayn was there. I cozied up to him. After he alleviated all of my aggravation from what the girl said beneath the picture it felt so right to kiss him. He is just so sexy and hot, he was also a great kisser.

After the kiss he took out his phone showing me what he was doing. He went to his twitter account and was about to write something. Je turned to me, “Riley would you like to be my girlfriend?” I moved my face towards him and instead of saying yes I kissed him. Just like the one before, I pulled away and just to make sure he understood I mumbled “yes”

Unsure where he was going with being on twitter I watched him as he wrote, “I am sure you have seen the picture previously posted by that rude girl, that is not some whore… That is my beautiful girlfriend; Riley”

He posted it and I thanked him for being so nice. “Don’t mention it babe” he said in a charming tone. He helped me up and wrapped his arm around me as we walked home.

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