You Light Up My World

A hidden relationship, hiding from her horrid foster parents. This is the life of Riley. The only people she can trust are the 5 biggest pop stars in the world... One Direction. When she first meets them she sees that they are the only people that can rescue her from the hell she is living through. When a relationship starts to grow between she and Zayn she realizes this is her first time she can have the happy safe future she deserves.


7. Does he/she fancy me too?


(Going to start putting it into other perspectives)

Riley’s POV: The house was just outside of Soho so it was only about a mile and a half to Oxford Street. The weather was really nice so we all walked. We all talked about what film we wanted to see, right away Zayn shouted “Paranormal Activity 4!”


Zayn’s POV: While we were at the hospital the other day I really was attractive to Riley. There was something very appealing to her. She was fit, pretty, charming, adorable and flirty. I was really beginning to fancy her. The way her blue eyes were so dreamy, they were soulful, and it was as if they were twinkling. Her beautiful brown hair seemed to glow as it trailed behind this lovely girl. I was really stricken by the fact that some man that basically took ownership of her had stabbed her. Watching her with her sling trying to function without an arm, was really quite a struggle to see. All I wanted to do was comfort her and protect her.

         I have no way of knowing if Riley fancies me, but I sure as hell wish she does. I saw my chance to test whether or not Riley thought anything of me. We were discussing films that we could see. We all know the classic move, watch a scary film and then snuggle with the girl while she is scared. Well, it was bound to work so I immediately suggested Paranormal Activity 4.


Riley’s POV: After Zayn suggested Paranormal Activity 4 all the boys screamed yes. I loved the 1, 2 and 3 even though I though I would wet myself or something because they were so scary so even though it was a bit delayed I agreed. I guess Tessa had similar thoughts because like me she was delayed, but said yes.

         We walked into the cinema and Niall bought us all tickets. It was a very high-class cinema. The seats were huge (big enough for two) and it was very well kept. It was certainly the best cinema I had been in. Niall was on the end next to Tessa. They were already cuddling and we all fake gawked when they kissed each other during previews. I was next to Tessa then on my other side was Zayn who eagerly took his place. (Harry was next to Zayn followed by Louis, and Liam.)

         When Zayn rushed to sit next to me I got all excited. Small butterflies formed in my stomach because I thought that maybe Zayn fancied me as I fancied him. I already liked him before he knew I existed and ever since we were in the hospital and he so politely helped me up. I discovered a fondness I had for him when I looked into his deep luring eyes. He was just so handsome… he was just so HOT! I was really glad that I got to sit next to him in the movie. Maybe I might even try to get scared and end up in his arms.


Zayn’s POV: The movie started and almost immediately everyone in the theatre screamed. Niall and Tessa were cuddling while Tessa hid her face in Niall’s shoulder to hide from the scary movie. I only wished that that could someday be Riley and I. I starred at her face (not in a creepy way I swear.) she was focused on the movie when all of a sudden all of the furniture on the scream moved fiercely to the right. She gasps and turned her head towards me. We glanced at each other and we both giggled a bit about her reaction. She whispered, “What? It’s scary.” She said with a smile.

In a joking tone I said, “I’ll protect you.”

That’s the thing, I wasn’t joking. I wrapped my arm around her careful not to hurt her shoulder. I hoped she wouldn’t pull away, she didn’t. She looked into my eyes and smiled. We continued to watch the movie and at every scary part she would put her head into my shoulder. I was so delighted; my little test to see if Riley thought anything of me had worked. I know knew she at least showed interest in the fact that I put my arm around her. Best of all, she didn’t pull away.


Tessa’s POV: I looked away from the screen and away from my safe little spot in Niall’s shoulder. I noticed Zayn and Riley laughing at each other. First Riley said something about the movie then Zayn said that he would protect her, He put his arm around her and I sat there, as they were unaware of me staring. As I saw him wrap his arms around Riley I dropped my mouth in awe. I poked Niall's chest and pointed to Riley and Zayn. He smiled and I whispered, “Awww”

He murmured in my ear, “they are so cute together.”

I nodded in agreement and thought to my self about what would happen if they started dating. It was clear they both showed interest in one another. Niall and I decided that we would get them together.


Zayn’s POV: After I put my arm around Riley I was so thrilled by the fact she didn’t move away. Every time something creepy happened on the screen we would both gasp and look at each other. She was always grinning and I had a small smirk on my face each time. We sat staring at one another until we knew the scary part had past.

It wasn’t that the movie wasn’t so scary it was just I found my self wanting scary moments just so I could look into Riley’s gorgeous eyes. When the movie ended we all got up but Riley sat there with her little puppy eyes wanting me to help her up. I giggled a bit but couldn’t resist so I pulled her by her left arm careful not to do anything to harm her right shoulder.

“Can’t even get up?” I asked playfully

“Ya a bit lazy” she said between laughs. I showed a small smile as I laughed but then the other boys and Tessa rushed us out the door.

Tessa wanted to get Riley some more clothes so she rushed off to a shop with Riley. Eventually we met up with them for dinner as Louis eagerly looked through all the clothes they bought. Liam made sure the waiter didn’t give him any spoons and Niall practically bought everything on the menu.

Overall the night was a ton of fun. I was especially pleased with the fact that Riley and me got a bit closer during the film.  We thought about getting some drinks after dinner, but decided against it, saying it had been a long day. 

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