You Light Up My World

A hidden relationship, hiding from her horrid foster parents. This is the life of Riley. The only people she can trust are the 5 biggest pop stars in the world... One Direction. When she first meets them she sees that they are the only people that can rescue her from the hell she is living through. When a relationship starts to grow between she and Zayn she realizes this is her first time she can have the happy safe future she deserves.


16. Carnival


Skylar’s POV: After I explained to Riley and Zayn how I knew both Liam and Nick. Riley questioned me to why I never recognized Liam looking at posters and videos. I simply told her how different Liam looked now and that Payne is such a popular last name I never connected the two. Nick looked different too. He was taller. He grew into his face and previously oversized ears.  His hair was cropped over his forehead, and his brown hair went in waves down to his ears. His eyes are a slightly darker shade of brown, like coffee. I could tell he had definitely had braces because his previous crooked teeth with gaps between the canines; were perfectly straight. They are a gleaming white and his smile is adorable. I was definitely attracted to the “new” Nick Payne standing in front of me.

Nick insisted on sitting in the back with me so we could catch up. I let Jacob sit in the front by Liam and we continued talking. He told me that he went on websites and contacted authorities and anyone he could find, but he never found me. Inside I was amazed that Nick went to such lengths as a 10 year old to find me. I thought back to what happened when I was taken. I shuddered inwardly at the thoughts of Jim. I knew the only thing that came out of the last 5 years of my life were Jacob, Willy, and Riley. As I looked into Nick’s intense eyes I remembered how much fun we had together. I longingly thought of all thee good things that could have happened if my parents had never died. I shook my thoughts away and continued talking to Nick. It was as if we were 10 again, joking about things together looking back on memories. He told me that he plays football in school with some kids; which he named and most names I recognized. I didn’t really ask about anyone because I didn’t have anyone to ask about. It was always Nick and I; we didn’t really have any other friends. Remembering everything, remembering every thing in my old life, when my parents were still alive, left me with silent tears. They slowly streamed out of my eyes. Nick looked at me showing pity and indignation, He leaned in and put his warm hands on my face, wiping my tears away with his thumbs. I looked down trying to hold back more tears.

“Skylar, don’t cry, everything is okay now. You’re safe nothing more can happen to you. I’ve missed you so much. Lets get back to the friend ship we had before.” He whispered to me. I smiled at him and sat up straight.

“Everything is okay.” I replied. He really had comforted me. I found myself captive in Nick’s charm.

Zayn stopped the car abruptly and I finally looked away from Nick only to see Willy asleep next to me, Carnival music blaring, rides and tents set up in the field, and people everywhere. Zayn opened a window and the music just got louder. I started to inhale the smell and sweetness of the kettle corn being popped. Off to the right I can hear the sizzling of the fresh ears of corn being bbq'd. So many colors catch my eye when I look around. Between the rainbow-colored slide tall Ferris wheel. We pulled into a parking space and I turned to wake Willy up.  I shook him a bit before he emerged groggily from his sleep. I turned him to the widow so he could see the carnival and an immediate look of cheerfulness appeared on his face. We waited in the car for a minute while Liam called the other boys to see where they were. It just came to me that I was so excited to meet the rest of the boys of One Direction but now knowing that Liam was the Liam I knew growing up, made me relax and not even freak out in the least bit, that I was near Liam. Still I was excited to see the other boys who I knew I had not yet met.


Riley’s Pov: After waiting a few minutes for the other car we saw Niall, Tessa, Louis, and Harry pull in in the parking space next to us. We got out of the car and I introduced Skylar to all of the boys. She was pretty calm about it. She didn’t scream or even freak out. She just kept a huge smile on her face and shook each of their hands. They each welcomed her and I could tell she was freaking out in the inside. I then introduced Willy and Jacob to everyone. They both recognized Tessa and hugged her shyly. Each of the boys put their hoods up not wanting any commotion at the carnival.  All 10 of us walked into the crowded carnival. We paid a small fee to get in then saw all of the rides and stands. Niall who seemed to really like kids was running around playfully with Willy.  Zayn had Jacob on his shoulders and was tickling him. It was so cute how great Zayn was being with him.

“Can we go on rides?” Harry screamed like a kid.

“Yeah, Which ones?” Tessa asked

“All of them!” Harry screeched

Harry led us all onto a ride, which looked fun. I noticed it has a lot of twists and turns, but the best part was; it wasn’t scary which is good for Jacob and Willy, plus even though they are both very short they are allowed on it. The ride sat three across in each row so in my row it was Zayn, Jacob and I. In the row behind us was Skylar, Nick and Liam in the row behind them sat Niall, Willy (who really seemed to like Niall) and Tessa. Finally in the row in front of me sat Harry, (who desperately wanted to be front row) Louis and then an empty chair.

            We went on the ride screaming and smiling. It took us in one small loop then went on a short steep downhill motion before coming to an abrupt stop. Everyone was smiling and excited from the ride we just went on.

            Everyone was pumped and excited to go on more rides so we just ran from ride to ride. On one ride it sat three across and in the row next to mine was just Niall and Tessa. It wouldn’t have been a problem but a girl ran onto the seat next to Niall, knowing who he was. She locked herself in the chair screaming and taking pictures of her and Niall. Niall was happy that he was pleasing a fan so he went along and took pictures with the girl next to him. She then took a picture of Niall and Tessa together. The ride started and this one was just a drop so it took you to the top then dropped you down. We all screamed and were cheering at the top of the climb. It dropped and I swear my stomach flipped. It felt funny, but it happened to everyone. We all walked off wobbly and the girl hugged Zayn, Liam, Harry, Louis, and Niall one more time. That was the last time we saw her. But we sure heard from her. She posted a bunch of pictures of us all at the carnival on twitter. Before we knew it every teenage girl was screaming and running around looking for the boys. We were scared we would get mobbed or something because of all the girls looking for the boys so unfortunately we left early. 

A/N- Sorry for the bad chapter :(

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