You Light Up My World

A hidden relationship, hiding from her horrid foster parents. This is the life of Riley. The only people she can trust are the 5 biggest pop stars in the world... One Direction. When she first meets them she sees that they are the only people that can rescue her from the hell she is living through. When a relationship starts to grow between she and Zayn she realizes this is her first time she can have the happy safe future she deserves.


13. A Day Out


Riley’s POV: Over breakfast we discussed what we wanted to do. Zayn and I had our hopes set on going to the carnival but then Liam announced that his brother Nick would becoming in town in two days so we decided we should just go then.  Eventually we decided that we would go out together later that night. In the meantime Tessa said she and I should try to get our jobs back together at Starbucks. We were really just taking days off because neither of us quit.

I walked off with Tessa and entered the coffee shop. We didn’t bother waiting in line we kinda just walked through the backdoor as we always had. Angelica, a heavyset woman in her mid 40s, who was also the manager approached us. I knew she was super friendly so I just smiled.

“Aye… Whatcha do to ye arm” she asked showing her strong accent.

“Umm… long story, I just wanted to show you in person that I can’t work for another week because of my arm. I get the stiches out tomorrow.” I added cheerfully.

“That’s fine honey, Tessa ya still wan oft” she slurred and spit into our faces (unintentionally)

“Yes please Angelica, I’m still getting things together, I’ll be back at work in a week with Riley, can you put us in the schedule?” Tessa replied innocently.

“Gladly” she jotted something down into her book and then said, “ How’s 8 next Monday?”

“Sounds great thanks Angelica, cya then.” I said as we left.

We decided to walk back to the house. I felt a little uneasy being back at the place I ran away too. It was uncomforting to know how close I truly was to Jim. I tried to shake my thoughts off. I walked looking down at the ground. As we were walking in the direction of the house I saw a tiny bloodstain surrounded by worn away stains due to rain and what not. I stopped in my tracks and looked around. I knew it was my blood. I felt a piercing tear trying to force its way through but I pushed it away. I knew this is where I was after Jim had stabbed me. I shuddered and felt my shoulder. I got goose bumps and began shaking. I didn’t think it was noticeable but then Tessa turned to me.

“Are you okay Riley? You’re so pale right now.” I could feel my blood freeze thinking of Jim. I tried to put on a fake smile but Tessa knew something was up. She walked over to me and looked down. I knew she saw it too.

“Riley, it’s okay, nothing is going to happen to you.”

“I’m not 18 yet, anything could happen, he could still get me.” I mumbled. She tugged on my arm, “Come on Riley get away from that, its nothing but a memory.” She said trying to comfort me.

“Ya” I said stuttering as I began to follow her.

“Jim is a douche… FUCK HIM!” she screamed a little too loud. A few people turned their heads but we kept moving, she cheered me up a bit but other than that we were silent the rest of the walk.

As we entered the house everyone was in different places. Niall: the kitchen. Harry and Liam: playing foosball in the basement. Louis: reading on the porch. Zayn sleeping in the Parlor. Tessa asked me if I wanted anything to eat but I wasn’t very hungry so declined the offer. I walked over to Zayn who was breathing heavy but not enough for it to be a snore. I yawned then lay down on the couch next to him. Sleepily he wrapped his arms around my body and whispered something but I couldn’t make out the words. I felt safe in his arms; they were warm and welcoming. We both feel back asleep only to be woken up an hour later.

“We are going to the club!” Harry screamed. I rubbed my eyes feeling very glazed. Zayn shot up and blinked a couple times because he was a bit disoriented.

“Come on we are going to go to the bar to night,” Niall screamed.

“Okay… Lets go get dressed I said looking at Zayn.


            Once we were dressed, I was wearing a tight black dress with quarter sleeves and artificial cuts going down each shoulder. I had a little bit of make up on and I just parted my soft, shiny, brown hair, with natural streaks of very light brown in it. I left the bathroom and ran into Zayn in the hallway. He looked at me up and down and bit his lip. I blushed.

“You’re gorgeous” said approaching me.

“You’re not so bad yourself Malik,” I said giggling as I reached over to fix the collar on Zayn’s shirt. He was wearing a light blue denim long sleeve with cuffs and a collar. It had a pocket in the front and his hair was combed back making his quiff rather impressive.

We interlocked hands as we went down stairs together. Everyone got up from the couch. The boys were all wearing similar clothes, all nice tops with jeans (black or blue) Tessa was wearing a white dress with a gold colored belt in the middle, she looked so pretty.

We didn’t want to take more than one car because we only had one designated drive: Liam. There wasn’t enough room for all of us so I sat on Zayn’s lap and Tessa sat on Niall’s lap. While in the car Zayn wrapped his arms around me and I rested my head on his shoulder.  I wanted to stay there forever; in the peacefulness of Zayn’s arms. I was so relaxed.

 As Liam pulled into a big nightclub with all these lights I whispered in Zayn’s ear, “Zayn im not 18 for another 2 months”

I knew he already knew my age but I didn’t know how I would get in. Tessa turned 18 last month so she would have no problem getting in. Zayn seemed to have things under control, he gave me a reassuring smile and somehow I knew he would take care of it. We stood in line and watched as group after group got declined entrance.

“Hi Mike” Harry chirped to the bodyguard.  

“Hey boys, Tessa and umm…”

“Riley” Zayn added motioning to me. He didn’t even look at everyone’s IDs he just opened up the rope for our entry.

“Come here a lot?” I asked noticing how easily we got in.

“We come here often I guess.” Zayn screamed over the loud music. He led me up to the bar and we both got beers. He got a darker ale than I did, I could tell he noticed that I didn’t like dark ales. I smiled and took a couple sips then dragged Zayn out one handed onto the dance floor. We danced for a while singing to the music. Throughout the night we went through lots of alcohol. At one point, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Tessa, and me all took a bunch of shots together. I was definitely more than tipsy. Zayn and I were going onto the roof deck when we passed Harry. He was hooking up with some girl. Zayn and I who were pretty drunk didn’t really think and went on either side of Harry as he was practically sucking the girls face off and screamed in his ear. It was so funny, they both jumped and the girl was so embarrassed.

Zayn led me upstairs to the roof top balcony. He wrapped me around tight by the waist. I awkwardly put my one functional arm around him. We both leaned in; I could smell the alcohol in each of our breaths. His strong arms were around me, holding me as close as possible while he bent down and kissed me gently. The soft gentle kiss gradually turned into a deep passionate kiss. A slow song turned on and we could hear it from on top of the building where there was no one. He began dancing me around romantically. We both stumbled over our feet before falling to our butts. We ended up on the ground laughing. We laid down and watched the stars. I don’t know how long we were up there everything was getting pretty blurry but then Liam came to get us.

Liam’s POV: Everyone was completely wasted. I managed to get Louis who kept screaming some gibberish things into my ear, into the car. Then I got Harry who was sucking a girls face off. He too was stumbling and falling all the way into the car. I found Niall and Tessa hooking up behind the Dj, Niall was so drunk and Tessa kept trying to jump on his back. I locked them in the car and went to find Zayn and Riley. I looked everywhere; I even searched in the alleys outside. I heard some loud giggling coming from above me and I knew it was Zayn. I ran up the stairs only to find them looking at the stars romantically.

Getting them into the car was the hardest, they bot kept tripping, and I carried Riley and had to lead Zayn down the stairs separately so he wouldn’t kill himself. Everyone was asleep on the way home. I led everyone to bed and made sure they were all facing head down so they wouldn’t choke throughout the night.

I knew Zayn would thank me later if I put Riley in his bed so I played matchmaker (even though they were already a couple) and led them both to bed. I watched as Riley rested her head onto Zayn and he kissed her forehead, they were both out like a light after that.

A/N- sorry nothing really happened I will update tomorrow and do something more exciting;)

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