Live While We're Young(:

A 18 year old girl finally meets her dream boy. Her step-mom forces her to do stuff she doesn't want to. Will her relationship work out? Find out(:


2. The Wedding(:

Leigh Ann’s P.O.V 


I got out of the shower, dried my hair. I put on my light wash skinnies and my favorite T- Shirt. I pulled on my old black converse and headed down stairs. I met up with Nicole, My dad, and My Step-Mom. We all headed down to the church. Me and Nicole had to help or step - mom get ready. Me and Nicole wore teal blue matching dresses.
We heard the music. Me and Nicole had to walk out first. I looked over at her.

“ You ready? “
“ Ready as i’ll ever be. “ We both laughed. 

We walked arm and arm down the isle. That’s when I saw him. His curly hair was unmistakable. I clutched Nicole’s arm harder. She mouthed “ What’s wrong? “ I looked down and mouthed back
I’ll tell you when we sit down. I looked back up. He was starring at me now. God he was perfect. I have to meet him. Nicole and ! finished walking. I sat down three rows down from him. I could feel his eyes on me, it felt right though.

“ Nicole, see that guy over there with the curls? “ 

“ How could I miss him? You were practically DROOLING! “
“ Was not! “ 

“ Who cares? What about him? “
“ I had a dream about him last night. “

“ Your joking right? “ 

“ I wish I was. “ 

“ Get him Girl! “

“ I will try to talk to him after the ceremony! “

She smiled. After the “ I Do’s “ were said and done we would go to the after party. That was my chance. I would finally know if this was meant to be. 


Harry’s P.O.V

We got there 5 minutes before it was supposed to start. I was dressed in a nice tuxedo with a blue tie. We heard the music start to play. We all stood up, that’s when I saw her. She was the girl in my dreams. I had to grab onto Paul so I wouldn’t fall down. I was staring at her, everyone could probably tell but, I didn’t care. She looked me in the eyes. I melted, she was even more beautiful in person. I had to know this girl. This has to be the one. I can feel it. We finally had to sit down. She was only three rows up from me. I decided to ask Paul.

“ Paul? “ 

“ Yes, Harry? “ 

“ Who are they? “ 

“ That’s Nicole and Leigh Ann. “

“ Which one has light brown hair? “

“ Leigh Ann, why Harry what’s wrong? “ 

“ Paul, I saw her in my dream last night. “ 

“ Really? “ 

“ Yup. “

“ Good thing you came to the wedding then huh? “ 

I smirked, I will talk to her. I will find out if she is the one. 

Hell with it I already know. 

- Hour Later


Leigh Ann’s P.O.V 


I took forever for the whole ceremony. I just wanted to stand up grab the curly haired boy and leave! We had to leave directly behind the Bride and Groom, so I didn’t get to see him. But, I could feel his eyes watching me as I left. I couldn’t wait ‘till the after party. We got there about thirty minutes later. When we arrived the first thing we had to do was take family pictures. Apparently my step-moms daughter name is Nicki and she lives in london so she won’t be here until tomorrow! Family pictures took only ten minutes. They looked amazing! Me and Nicole started walking around.

“ He likes you. “

“ You think? “ 

“ Did you see the way he looked at you? “

I blushed “ Maybe. “ 

" Nicole do you miss mom? " 

" Yeah, do you? " 

" I miss her more than anything. " 

We both stopped I knew why it was hard for us to see our dad with another woman besides mom. But, it’s over now. Our dad’s happy and that’s all that matters.

“ It will be okay. “ We said at the same time.

 We hugged for a good two minutes.

“ Lets go find you curly haired boy. “
“ Okay! “ 

We grabbed each others arms and started to laugh. We will find him, I know we will! This place isn’t that big!


Harry’s P.O.V


I saw her as we were leaving the church. I know she had to do a lot because it’s a wedding and she is part of the family. Like Pictures, talking to family, stuff like that. I saw her after family pictures walk off with Nicole ( I think there Twins ). I was hoping she would see me and say “ Hi “ but she didn’t. “ What id she doesn’t like you Harry. “ “ No Harry, don’t do this to yourself you know she does you can see it in her eyes. “ As a was thinking I was interrupted by Paul.

“ HARRY! “ Paul yelled.

“ Yes? “ 

“ Leigh Ann is looking for you. “ He said out of breath when we finally caught up to me.

“ What! Really, how does she know me? “

“ Well my sister introduced my to her and I guess she saw us together at the church and she said ‘ Who was that curly haired boy you were with? “ So I was like ‘ Oh, that’s Harry! He’s 1\5 of the boys of the band! “ 

“ Oh my god! “

“ She said she wants to meet you! “

“ Where PAUL Where! “ 

“ Near the lake where they took there family pictures! “ 

“ Thanks Paul! “ I took off running. 

“ Wait Harry, don’t hurt her. Okay? “ he yelled.

I stopped running. Hurt her, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t. She’s the one I know it.

- 2 minutes later. - 

I arrived where they took the family pictures. It was beautiful but not as beautiful as her. Her light brown hair had been straightened. She was wearing a gorgeous teal dress ( the color of my tie ). Her back was facing me, ‘ Should I say Hi? ‘ ‘ Should I walk away? ‘ ‘ No Harry, she is the one don’t screw this up. 

“ Hi, your Leigh Ann right? “ 




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