Live While We're Young(:

A 18 year old girl finally meets her dream boy. Her step-mom forces her to do stuff she doesn't want to. Will her relationship work out? Find out(:


1. The Dream(:


Leigh Ann’s P.O.V

* I see him, perfect curly hair. Tall and fit. His green eyes looking at me like we have known each other since birth. He is perfect. I think for a second, Why would he choose me? I am not the most prettiest girl. I put that in the back of my mind. I start to walk towards him. Then I start to run. He holds his arms out for me waiting..... *

“ Leigh Ann, you gotta get up.! “

“ I can’t do this alone. “ 

I can tell it’s my twin sister Nicole. I looked up at her, her eyes were red and puffy just like mine, I knew we had both been up all night crying. 

“I know, I am coming. Give me 5 minutes. “


She nodded, then broke down into tears. I held her in my arms until she stopped crying. 

“ It will be okay Nicole. “ I whispered to her.She nodded and got up and headed for the door. 


“ I love you Leigh Ann. “ 

" I love you too Nicole. “ 


With that she left leaving me to change from my tear stained clothes. I got up and took a look in the mirror light brown hair a mess. Big brown eyes red, puffy, and swollen from crying so hard last night. My dad is getting re-married today to a evil witch. My mom died when me and Nicole were only 3. I mean I am happy that my dad is happy but, I have a weird felling about her. She has a daughter from her pervious marriage so I will have Nicole and a Step-Sister. The one thing really exciting is that her brother is Paul, and he is like a security/Manager/babysitter to a British boy band that I have never heard of! But, I can’t wait to meet them. I get my mind back into reality, I still have a hour left before he head off the church so I might as-well take a quick shower. As I get into the shower all I could think about was my dream. I needed to find that boy somehow. I knew in my heart he was out there.


Harry’s P.O.V


*I see her, perfect long straight light brown hair. Shorter than me, skinny but curvy. Her big brown eyes looking into mine, there perfect in every way. She is the most perfect girl in the world. She wouldn’t want me though, or will she? I see her walking towards me. Now she’s running! I open my arms out wide for her....... * 

“ Harry, get up! We have a wedding to go too. “ 

“ Paul why do I have to go? “ I moan. 

“ Because she is my sister Harry! “

“ What about the other boys? “ I ask.

“ They are still in london, this is what you get for coming early! “ 

“ Ugh! “ 

“ HARRY! She has 3 daugters just saying. “ 


I quickly think to my dream, could she be there? I don’t want to miss any chance I get. 


“ What’s there names? “

“ Leigh Ann , Nicole , and Nicki. “ 


Leigh Ann I think, that’s a beautiful name.


“ Fine i’ll go. “ 

“ Great Harry, you have a hour to get ready! “ 

“ Okay. “ 


I get up and look in the mirror, bed head or as some people call it my “ sex “ hair. I head for the shower, today I will find that girl. I just know it!

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