The Court Games

When King James I declares a love between a maiden and a peasant, how will Elizabeth,the maiden, handle the situation? She is in love with John, a handsome young sailor. But once ,Marco,the peasant's name is called she realizes that this is not going to be easy.How will she deal?


2. The Secret Part 1

"Come on, Elizabeth, don't ignore me."  He said in a hushed tone trying to make his voice lower than the king's.

I just sit there, back turned, facing the opposite direction. I catch the sad eyes of John, who looks gloomy, like I knew he would. He knows the sad inevitability of this situation. He's come to the understanding that I will fall in love with Marco. Just by his eyes I can tell what his true feelings are.

Suddenly I feel a warm tap on my shoulder which triggers my sense to turn around.

"Yes." I look at him sternly.

"Oh, I was just wondering what you wanted to do tonight." I could tell that he had just wanted to speak to me. He obviously didn't care what we did, he just cared about being with me.

"Shh.." I reply back seductively putting my finger towards my lips.

He actually comprehended what I meant that time, thank God.

"Ok, citizens of the court, we now pronounce this meeting adjourned." King James 1 declares as he turns his staff in our direction. He pulls close and sternly says : "This better work, or you know what will happen." His frozen beard tickles my cheek as I let out a little giggle.

"What's so funny? The fact that I have to deal with YOU two?" He says sternly yet sarcastically.

"No sir."

"Then what is so humorous, Mrs. Elizabeth? Do not let a squeak from your mouth be let out while talking to me or else. Elizabeth I know what you have done in the past. Would you like me to repeat it to this young bachelor?" 

"No, sir. Please I beg you!"

"Mrs. Elizabeth!" the king barks straight to my face.

"What!" I yell back, then realizing that I would be in so much trouble. I'll have to go to prison for assaulting the king.

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