Gotta Be You [one direction fanfic]

Alexis Gray had always been a social outcast, especially after her difficult break up with super popular boy, Zayn Malik. She struggled through everything, from her step dad abusing her and her best friends moving away, what will happen when she meets the son of her mom's best friend?
(mature content at points)


1. Pay Attention!


I brushed my long, thick hair and threw on some makeup. My eyes were heavy, I could feel them wanting to close as I added the finishing touches of my outfit before I went downstairs to leave for school.  
"Mom, I'm ready to go." She looked up at me as she was finishing feeding my little brother, Jai and smiled.  
"Okay honey." She pulled Jai out of his high-chair and rested him on her hip, walking to the front door, following behind me.  
I pulled on my uggs and slipped a faded navy blue hoody over my head.  
"Uuggh I hate static!" I whined, flattening my hair trying to remove the frizziness. My mom laughed, setting Jai down onto the floor so she could get shoes on as well.  
Jai looked up at me, his eyes wide.
"Ahh, ahh!" He flopped his arms up and down, motioning for me to pick him up.  
"Come here baby!" I picked him up and he latched his chubby arms around my neck, resting his head on my shoulder.  
Carrying Jai closely to me to the car, I could feel his heat radiating against my side.
Snowflakes were falling from the sky, settling all over the ground and vehicles. I looked out the classroom window, admiring how pretty looked as winter had finally arrived.  
"Alexis?" My teacher cleared her throat, catching my attention. Everybody turned their heads to face me, half of them smirking.  
"Oh sorry. Yeah?" I asked, my face turning red of embarrassment.  
"You clearly werent paying attention. Nevermind." She rolled her eyes and diverted her attention from me, asking someone else. Looking down, I started to draw on my notebook.
The bell rang, somewhat startling me. Standing up, I swung my bag over my shoulder and walked out of the room.  
"Alexis, I'd like to have a word with you." My teacher stopped me before I was fully out. I turned on my heel to face her, tilting my head to the side in question of what she wanted.  
"Why havent you been paying attention lately in class?" She asked, burrowing her eye brows together. Mrs. Dale was quite old, and she was very frail.  
"I do pay attention but-" She raised her hand, cutting me off.  
"No buts. If this continues, I'll be calling your mom." She half-smiled and looked back down to whatever she was writing.  
My head was whirling with thoughts. I couldn't have Mrs. Dale call my mom. If my mom was called, Reese would find out.  
Reese is my step dad, and he's quite abusive and whenever I do something, he gets mad.  
I lifted my hand to my arm, tenderly touching the bruise he had caused. A week ago, I dropped a bowl, causing it to smash and he hit me in spite of his anger. He threatened if I ever told my mom, things would change; I think he would kill me. 
"Mom, I'm home!" I threw my bag onto the kitchen table and ran upstairs to see her laying on her bed, Jai in her arms.  "How was your day love?" She asked, letting go of a squirming Jai. He crawled towards me and started to giggle.  
"It was quite good," I brushed Jai's blonde hair out of his face, revealing his chocolate brown eyes, "He needs a hair cut." I smiled down at him and them looked at my mom.  
"I'll take him later tonight when I go shopping for some of your christmas presents." She swung her legs over the bed and got up. That meant I couldn't go with her tonight, I'd be stuck with Reese.
Riiiiinggg, Riiingg! My house phone started going off, but I gathered Reese got it as it quickly stopped.  
"ALEXIS GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" His deep voice boomed throughout the house, sheer panic ran throughout my body.  
The minute I rounded the corner into the living room, Reese slapped me across the face. My hand flew to my cheek and I stared at him, wide eyed.  
"What was that for.." I choked out, my eyes filling with tears.  
"You need to pick up the slack and pay attention in class!" He yelled, pushing me backwards. I gulped, in fear he would hurt me again.  
The front door opened, just as he lifted his arm to hit me.  
"Dont tell your mother." He warned. I nodded and got up and ran to my room.
Knockknock. My mum opened my door, looking at me in concern.  
"Whats wrong sweetie?" She took a seat next to me and I pulled my blankets over my head.  
"Nothing. I just got in trouble for not paying attention in class." She sighed and pulled the covers off of me.  
"Just try as hard as you can. I have something that might make you feel better."  
"Hmm?" I sat up, looking at her.  
"I saw my old friend at the mall today, she has a son your age that you could talk to! He is such a sweet heart." I widened my eyes. I didn't talk much to boys after what had happened with my last boyfriend; Zayn.  
Zayn and I would constantly fight, over everything. The bad memories swam in my head.  
"Maybe.." I said, thinking about it.  
"Well we're going over tomorrow, you should come." She kissed my forehead and walked out of my room, shutting the door behind her.

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