Gotta Be You [one direction fanfic]

Alexis Gray had always been a social outcast, especially after her difficult break up with super popular boy, Zayn Malik. She struggled through everything, from her step dad abusing her and her best friends moving away, what will happen when she meets the son of her mom's best friend?
(mature content at points)


2. Flashback

It was starting to get late, so I tip toed out of my room to say good-night to Jai and my mum. I creaked his door open, to see the 2 year old sitting eagerly in his bed.
"Good night babe, I love you." Kissing his forehead, he grabbed on to my hair. I winced in pain and detached his hands from my long brown hair. "No, don't do that Jai." He whimpered and let his arms fall to his side. I could see the sleepiness on his eyelids, but I knew he was waiting for me to say good-night to him. Waving a little good bye to him, he fell onto his pillow and drifted quickly to sleep.
"Night mum." I said, peeking my head through the crack between her door and the wall. Looking up from her book, she smiled at me.
"Good night sweetheart, I love you." I shut the door and walked back to my room, hoping I wouldn't wake Reese up. 
Climbing into my bed, I started thinking back to when I was dating Zayn. Zayn Malik....
[this is in the past]
I couldn't keep my eyes off him; his hair was the perfect shade of brown and his hazel eyes had a pretty glint to them. Zayn Malik; the hottest boy in senior year, and he was asking ME to prom. 
"Hey, uh, Alexis, I was wondering if you would, uh, like to come to prom with me?" He ran his hands through his hair, leaving it a bit messy. My best friend, Paige had heard that he was going to ask me for the past few weeks. I took a deep breath and looked up into his killer hazel eyes.
"Yeah, of course." And that's where it all started. 
Zayn and I ended up dating, and I fell for him really hard. He was my first boyfriend, and I basically fell in love with him. The worst part was that we didn't last. When I was 16, he tried out for the x-factor and he made it through; a year later he is the biggest boy band in the world. He broke my heart and left me for all the prettier girls I knew he would find...


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