Gotta Be You [one direction fanfic]

Alexis Gray had always been a social outcast, especially after her difficult break up with super popular boy, Zayn Malik. She struggled through everything, from her step dad abusing her and her best friends moving away, what will happen when she meets the son of her mom's best friend?
(mature content at points)


8. Chapter 8

I finished in the shower quickly and then rushed downstairs to greet the boys. 
"Sorry, I just woke up." I said, a bit flustered. 
"It's 1pm! We told you that we were going to be here!" Louis laughed, along with Niall.  I started to blush, kind of embarrassed I had slept in that late. 
Getting in the car with Louis and Niall seemed a bit awkward at first considering I barely knew either of them. I really enjoyed Louis' company though; he was always up for a good chat. 
"Harry is excited to seee yooouuu!" Niall kept singing at me. I blushed because for some reason, I was excited to see him too. 
"Don't bug the poor girl Nialler. I bet we've already scared her enough." Louis laughed. 
"No, you guys are so much fun to be around." I smiled and the car ride was basically silent the rest of the way to Liam's house.
~ Later that night ~
"LETS WATCH A MOVIE!" Niall said, jumping around. I gathered that he was the hyper one; always bouncing and hopping around. 
"Sure, lets do it." All of the boys agreed. I caught Harry looking at me from the corner of my eye. He was sitting on Liam's black leather couch. His chocolate curls fell tenderly around his face, exentuating his jawline. My eyes locked with his. The green-ness in his eyes was stunning and I couldn't help but stare. 
"Sit with me?" He broke our eye contact and I snapped back to reality. 
"Er yeah." I stuttered, a bit shocked still. Louis turned to me and grinned and then looked at Harry, still grinning. 
"GET IT IN MATEEEE." Zayn joked, making me blush again. I couldn't stop blushing!
"Hah, stop!" Harry laughed. I sat down next to him and it was quite awkward. 
"I'm starting the movie now!" Liam said, pressing play and taking his spot on the end of the couch. Louis and Niall sat on another couch and Zayn was basically in a fort of pillows on the ground. 
"Ya comfortable mate?" Niall asked Zayn, who looked up with a grin on his face. For some reason, I also wanted to be down there with him, cuddling like we used to. 

"AHHHHH!" Harry's scream scared me, causing me to jump. "Oh my gosh, sorry love!" He put his arm around me and hugged me. My heart was still beating quickly. 

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