Gotta Be You [one direction fanfic]

Alexis Gray had always been a social outcast, especially after her difficult break up with super popular boy, Zayn Malik. She struggled through everything, from her step dad abusing her and her best friends moving away, what will happen when she meets the son of her mom's best friend?
(mature content at points)


6. Chapter 6

I finally finished getting ready. My long brown hair was in its natural wave and I had very minimal makeup on. 
"Mum what should I wear?" For some reason, this felt important to me and I wanted to look nice. She helped me pick out a light brown cardigan that hung just below my hips and black leggings. I paired it with my uggs and waited for Harry to pick me up.
'i'm outside love x' It was so cute how he always called me "love". 
"I'll see you later Mum!" I called as I walked out the front door into the icy cold air. Harry got out of the passenger seat of the car and opened my door, revealing a blonde and brunette staring at me.
"Harry who's that?" I asked. They looked oddly familiar, and I'm pretty sure they're from One Direction.
"Niall and Louis. They're nice guys." I got in and sat next to them.
"Hi Alexis!" Niall greeted me with a huge smile, along with Louis. Liam turned around and also said hello.
"Where are we going Haz?" Louis asked as we drove down a highway.
"Bowling!" He laughed. I saw Zayn sitting in the backseat, his head hadn't looked up from his phone and I saw he had headphones in, so he must have not seen or heard who I was. 
"ZAYN! SAY HELLO TO HER!" Niall yelled, grabbing his attention. I quickly turned around and looked away from him, hoping this wouldn't turn into something bad.
"Whaaa?" He looked up and I could tell he was confused. "Oh hi love, who are you?" He asked. He had a beautiful voice and it killed me when I heard him speak.
"That's Alexis." Liam said after I hadn't replied.
"Alexis who?" He sounded alarmed.
"Gray..." I said quietly. I heard him sit forward and then felt his breath on my neck.
"No way." He said, tapping my shoulder. I turned around and looked into his pretty hazel eyes. My heart sunk. "It's been forever.."
"Yeah..." I breathed.
"Wait, you know each other?" Louis asked, him and Niall sharing a confused expression. 
"Yeah, we dated in high school." Zayn said. I didn't want them all to know.
"Oh!" They all laughed, excluding Harry, Zayn and I. Noticing I was still studying his face and the way he had changed, I quickly turned around in my seat and looked out the window.
"No Alexis! You're not supposed to throw the ball!" Niall laughed as the bowling ball made a loud thud on the alley. Everyone burst into laughter, my cheeks flushing. 
"Oops.. I'm not very good at this." I replied, laughing slightly. 
"I can tell." Liam winked at me and laughed. I absolutely loved being around they boys. They were all so chill and always up for a good laugh. Zayn was more quiet than usual, and so was Harry. I didn't know Harry that well but I was sure he wasn't always like that. 
"Is something wrong with them?" I whispered to Louis, pointing at Zayn and Harry. He shrugged, so we just continued to play.

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