My Life As I Knew It

A young girl with amazing talent takes the initiative to try out for the X Factor. What will happen? Will she get all yeses or red x's?


1. My Encounter

"At last, my love has come along" I sang as I read The Truth About Forever and twirled my ponytail. As I start to really get into the song, I hear a noise coming from the bathroom. It sounded like a large object falling from a high point."Suspicious"I thought. Being the curious person I am, I go to inspect the scene, just anticipating the horror that would come. Step by step, inch by inch, I lure myself closer to the white door. "And so everything is just gojng wrong." I hear a voice say. What the...

 At this point I really did NOT want to know what was going on in there,but, I did. I hear one more murmur and then swing the door open with an : "Aha! " 

I see my sister sitting on the floor in deep conversaton with Jake, her gorgeous Louis Tomlinson looking boyfriend. I know, creepy. As I closely stare at "Louis", I notice a small scar on his neck, probably from baseball of something. 

"So, watcha guys doing?"I ask stupidly, rocking from toe to heel,heel to toe.

"JoAnna, get out!" my sixteen year old sister barks as she slams the door in my face.

"Fine, gosh." I yelled back as I point my tongue in disgust.

Well, what a relief, right. My sister is such a derp. 

Finally, I return back to my room to finish enjoying the interesting story of two lovers. 

As I sit down, I glance down at my phone as I hear it buzz. It was Wes, the hottie of my school. He's calling me.

"Hello" I nonchalantly say

"Yes, hello, did you order a pizza?" The voice asks

"John and Wes , come on I know it's you..." 

I hear murmuring and laughter as the line disconnects. How rude?!

At my school there is what we call a food chain. I know, pretty cliche right? But, anyways, we have the food chain. It's a pyramid that shows where everyone lies in the status system. Top; the plastics - Katy, Claudia, Victoria and Valentina. Middle: all of the norm kids. Bottom: My type of people. Basement: The un-cool people who think that the newest Iphone software is totally cool.

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