The basement

Colden and Emily are neighbours, Colden has a secret crush on emily and was planning to tell her but he never did and now no one knows if she'll live...


5. where am i?

Emily's P.O.V




it came again, i listened for a minute and heard someone talking. It was weird, i thought i was dead.

COLDEN! oh my god, it was Colden. he was talking to me i tried to open my eyes but i couldnt, I brought my hands to my face and pulled open my eyes, i saw colden. he was next to me crying.

"I love you Emily" he cried.

"I love you too!" i said

"OH MY GOD! YOUR AWAKE!" he looked up and then jumped back when he saw me.

"what the hell happened to your eyes?" he pointed at me,i couldnt say anything. what was wrong with my eyes?

the nurse ran in with a bunch of other nurses and doctors, they surrounded me.


"COLDEN HELP ME!!!" i yelled and looked for him, then one of the doctors moved and i saw Colden talking to a nurse.

And then all i remember was seeing Colden and the nurse, i felt a needle being put into my arm and it all went black again.


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