The basement

Colden and Emily are neighbours, Colden has a secret crush on emily and was planning to tell her but he never did and now no one knows if she'll live...



As scared as i was, i went into the house... something in my mind was telling me to go into the basement.

I walked down the stairs and picked up the torch i dropped when i found emily here, I stood there for a mintue, i mean, what was i supposed to do.

How do you look for something you dont know your looking for, its impossible right? I thought about it for a second then i realised; why was emily here in the first place?

I walked back up the stairs, down the hallway, and then into Emily's room.

It was messy, but it didnt bother me i just wanted to look for whatever made her go in the basement her computer was lying on her bed, so i checked it.


Damn it, i was hoping she didnt have a password.... i put my name in while laughing to mself; 'as if it would be your name'

LOADING... ... ... ...

I almost died inside, it was my name.... i got up and ran out of her room back down the hallway and out the front door, got into my car and drove to the hospital.

I ran up the stairs to floor 3.

19,20,21,22! I opened the door and saw Emily still lying on the bed, lifeless.

it was stupid but i decided to talk to her.

"Emily?" i said through tears.


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