The basement

Colden and Emily are neighbours, Colden has a secret crush on emily and was planning to tell her but he never did and now no one knows if she'll live...


3. hospital

Coldens P.O.V

I was still shaken up, and angry... i dont really know what i felt exactly, i mean it was mixed feelings to be honest i didnt know what to feel.

I walk into the hospital and ask the lady at the desk what Emily's room number was, 22 floor 3.

It seemed like forever while i walked up the stairs to the third floor, my brain was all messed up so i didnt bother with the elevator, i entered the room and saw Emily hooked up to all these cords and around her were all these big machines, i couldnt do i... i ran out of the room crying people dodged passed me and i raced down the stairs and out the door.

It litterally killed me inside to see her like that, i felt so depressed i couldnt even talk.

Over the past week i hadnt spoken one word the only thing that came out of my mouth were screams, in the middle of classes i would be escorted out by the principal and i usually spent the rest of the day in the first aid, where i would lie on the bed not being able to fall asleep.

sleeping was impossible not knowing that the girl i dreamt about every night was okay, having no idea if she was even alive every time i do fall asleep i have nightmares about the night in the basement.

I wanted to visit the hospital again, i wanted to know where Em's dad was, i wanted to know what happened in the basement, and i wanted to know why i couldnt talk...

My mind went black, i knew i was walking, but that was all i knew my eyes closed themselves, and when they opened i was infront of her house.. i wanted to go in but i was scared of what i would find....

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