The basement

Colden and Emily are neighbours, Colden has a secret crush on emily and was planning to tell her but he never did and now no one knows if she'll live...


1. she's gone

Emily's P.O.V


I walked down and flicked the switch for the light, "Turn on you stupid bitch" i was in a really bad mood.

the light didnt turn on so i walked down in the dark i went to where the newspaper box was.

Colden's P.O.V

i heard Emily scream from next door, i thought she would've been cooking dinner or something while her dad was out (i saw his car leave) so i walked over to see if she was alright.

i walked into the kitchen but she wasnt there i heard a crash in the basement and walked down, it smelt really bad.

i flicked the switch but it didnt turn on so i got a torch, i walked back down and as i walked further into the basement it smelt even worse like a dead cat or rabbit, i couldnt breath it was so bad now.

"OH MY GOD. EMILY!!" i saw emily with blood flowing out of her mouth and her bloodshot eyes no longer had blue they were now black, like she had a huge pupile in her eye.

she was lying on the floor, i didnt know what to do. I was so scared, IS THIS REAL?!?!?!

i ran out of the basement, out the door and rang the police.

in about 10-20 mintues the police and ambulance arrived, they took emily. I never even got to tell her i love her, now she was dead. I needed to find out how.

"Sir, do you have any idea how?" i asked a policeman

"We currently dont know, could you come with us back to the station for questioning" i looked at mum and she nodded her head.


"When did you find Emily?"

"Well i heard a scream and her dad left earlier, i saw his car leave so then-"

"Hang on, where is her dad now?"

"I dont know, he leaves alot Emily and i never know where he goes but its usually for a day or two"

"How long after her dad left did you hear the scream?"

"her dad was never violent if thats what your getting at! it was about half an hour before"

"Thankyou, Colden that will be all for now."

The police officer walked away tears started forming in my eyes, i grabbed his shoulder and he turned around.

"yes?" he asked

"W-will she be okay?" i asked and cried more.

the police officer sighed sadly and walked out the door without giving an answer, i sat on the chair and cried.

i couldnt do anything else but cry, it had been nearly an hour and i was still crying, crying because she's gone, crying because i couldnt do anything, crying because i knew i should have gone to keep her company but i didnt.


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