Fall For Five

Well now that I kinda know what direction ( lol ) I want to go in with my story I thought I should write a little review on what new readers will read in this story =D
Falling for Five is a story about a young girl named Lilly Davis an 18 year old american girl who has only ever wanted one thing, when her parents gives her the gift of a life time she goes out on an adventure to start a life on her own.
Hopefully that makes you want to read my story if not just give me a chance and read it anyway and maybe leave me a comment telling me what you did or didn't like about it, also leave me the name of a story you want me to read.


21. The Smilies... :D : ) ;P

Lilly's P.O.V 

           As I got on the plane to sit in my seat I looked down at my ticket in disbelief. "Would you like me to help you? You seem lost" a handsome boy with a pilots uniform on asked I smiled at him. " Umm yes, actually I don't know where I sit " he put out his hand and asked if he could see my ticket. I handed it to him and stared at his facial features,he couldn't be older than twenty one, my eyes then landed on his. I love guys eyes I guess you could say its kind of an infatuation. I just think peoples eyes in general are beautiful although I hate my own. His eyes were a perfect light blue my face got a bit hot but went away as soon as I looked up. His mellowed back to me "your in first class". I looked at him with confusion "Are you sure ?" he looked back with a slight smile "100%, do you want me to show you the way? " I nodded in approval. He lead me to my seat and put my bag in the chair next to me "thank you" "your welcome, I'm Scott by the way and I think your very beautiful..." he waited for me to answer "thank you...again I'm Lilly" "Well your name fits perfectly Lilly. Is there anyway I could get your phone number cause I'm very interested in knowing more about you" I hid a smile and laugh then was very skeptical about giving my number to him but I did anyway "sure, one second" I asked him for his phone and put my number in under girl from plane 220 then gave it back to him he put it back in his pocket and spoke up "thank you Lilly, well I should get going this plane won't get anywhere without a captain right?" "bye...Scott"I said with a smile I tried hard to not show . I took on last look at him then he waved I look straight forward and watched the tv changing the channel and laughed at the thought of Scott 

Authors note : oh no is Lilly ready to start liking another guy after Jake ? Well maybe she should right... There's five other guys in line to mess with her heart. Lilly's poor hearts never gonna have a brake. Well bye my beautiful readers see you next chapter . -mariaxx <3

Spring break : two weeks (keep holding on!!)
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