Fall For Five

Well now that I kinda know what direction ( lol ) I want to go in with my story I thought I should write a little review on what new readers will read in this story =D
Falling for Five is a story about a young girl named Lilly Davis an 18 year old american girl who has only ever wanted one thing, when her parents gives her the gift of a life time she goes out on an adventure to start a life on her own.
Hopefully that makes you want to read my story if not just give me a chance and read it anyway and maybe leave me a comment telling me what you did or didn't like about it, also leave me the name of a story you want me to read.


19. On My Way

Authors note :
Hey everyone I know I haven't posted for like a month and you guys have been so great to me helping me out with my other fanfic that sadly didn't win the contest but when I'm done with this one (which is probably like in the next eight years) I'll continue "Kiss You" just for you guys but yeah I felt bad that you got me so many views on "kiss you" an on this fanfic ( which I got 990 views for thx :D ) but I never give bad cause I forget so I'm gonna give you guys another chapter to add to this story for now and if I don't post again in like the next couple days don't worry cause my spring break is almost here and you guys are gonna get a lot of updates from me so just hang on ... Love you ~mariaxx

Lilly's P.O.V

After security check I was told to put my bags on a rotator that sent my bags on the plane to be boarded. I say in a blue chair near a tv a women appeared on the screen " today's weather is just beautiful, I'm sure when my kids get home they will ran around out- " I was side tracked by a loud announcement " the current time is 1:30 and we are now boarding plane 220 " I swiftly got up and walked to the plane entrance and handed the women my plane ticket she smiled and said " welcome aboard American airlines have a safe trip" I smiled back politely and walked into the tunnel before going in the plane I texted my parents. 
Group message: mom, dad 
Mom, Dad I love you with all my heart I'm boarding my plane now hope to see you soon and dad don't worry I'll kiss the plane for you : ) 
I pressed sent and before walking through the door I kisses the side of the plane. 

Another note : sorry this chapter is short but there wil be more I need to get to the good parts it's almost there HOLD ON STAY STRONG !!! :p byeee
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