Fall For Five

Well now that I kinda know what direction ( lol ) I want to go in with my story I thought I should write a little review on what new readers will read in this story =D
Falling for Five is a story about a young girl named Lilly Davis an 18 year old american girl who has only ever wanted one thing, when her parents gives her the gift of a life time she goes out on an adventure to start a life on her own.
Hopefully that makes you want to read my story if not just give me a chance and read it anyway and maybe leave me a comment telling me what you did or didn't like about it, also leave me the name of a story you want me to read.


25. Here We Go Again...

Lilly's P.O.V

The morning light shined into my room I turned over and stretched, squinting my eyes from the light shining down at my eyes. I graded my phone and unlocked it to see if my mom had left a message , nothing .... I  went to my closet, grabbed some underwear,a cream tank top looking shirt , and a pair of dark blue jeans and was on my way to the bathroom to turn on the water for the shower. I undressed and got in letting the warm water hit my body waking me up. Quickly I cleaned myself and washed my long curly hair. I finally finished and got out to dry my body. Grabbing a towel I pulled it over my head while the other went around my body making the goose bumps on my skin disappear. Waiting for my body to get dry I stood in my towels in front of the sink, took the toothpaste and tooth brush and dabbed a little paste onto the brush. The brush glided across my teeth and inside my mouth making it clean. A smell of mint bursted into the air and the sound of trickling water passed through the bathroom. I had finished and put away my tooth brush when my phone buzzed on my night stand, ignoring it at the moment I turned out the lights in the bathroom and headed for my closet I sat down by my suitcases and started taking out my clothes then hung them up in my closet. I took out my favorite white heel shoes and brought them over to my bed leaving my suit cases in the closet behind me while I closed the door on my way out. I put the heels on the side of my bed on the floor where my clothes are on the bed and checked my phone.
Instagram:6 new followers 
I click off instagram and check my messages 
From Mom: I'm so happy to hear your ok have fun and be safe see you soon!  
I smiled and looked in my contacts list to Jeffery's name and texted him
To Jeffery:
Good morning I don't mean to wake you,but I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be going out now I felt like  you should know I'm not going to be home. 
I threw my phone on my bed an got dressed. I put my wallet in my bag and fixed my hair. My curls didn't look bad so I put some hairspray in my hair and let it fall down. I graded some hoop earrings and walked out the house with my keys in my left hand and my phone in the other.
When I walked outside the sun was beaming through the neighborhood. I hadn't noticed how beautiful my street was until now. Children are playing outside, while I'm walking down the side walk men and women passing me are saying a brief and sweet hello. I walked for about a block and a half taking in the towns beauty and found myself in a city like area where there was a cute little bakery and shopping markets. I didn't need new clothes but every girl likes to shop! First I stopped at the bakery to get myself a coffee. As I got closer to the bake shop the smell of freshly baked sweets was caught in the air. When I walked through the door a little chime sound echoed in the room a man popped out of the corner and walked over to the counter. "Hello there, are you here for an interview?" I looked at him confused "there is a help wanted sign outside, did you come in for an interview?" I understood and spoke up "well no I wasn't, but can I be interviewed? I've never had to work before but it would be a good ideal to make some money since ill be sticking around here for a while" he listened "umm well are you new around here I haven't seen you before?" I smiled "yes today my first day here, I came in yesterday from America" he looked intrigued "then yes ill interview you not many people want to work at a bakery,my last employee left cause she didn't want to work for summer and a young man I had here left to pursue his acting career." I felt bad for him he was all alone and I did need some money for clothes and to pay off the new flat "okay so when do you want to interview me?" he cleared his throat " right now if that's alright with you, here sit and we could start" I took a seat and so did he "oh almost forgot my manners my name is William Baker but you can call me mr.baker" he put out his hand waiting for me to shake it so I did "me too sorry, my name is Lilly ... Lilly Davis" he smiled "alright let's begin miss Davis." He thought for a moment and started to ask questions.
Mr.baker : how old are you?
Lilly: 18 
Mr baker: can you clean, mop, put things on a shelf or display, work an oven and follow instructions ?
Lilly: yes for all 
Mr.baker: would it be hard for you to get here,if I gave you the job?
Lilly: no , even though I don't have a car the walk is like five minutes.
Mr.barker: perfect, oh an one more thing can you drive ?
Lilly: yup
Mr.baker: well then miss Davis you got yourself your first job. Here at the Wolverhampton Bakery. He said with a smile I got up and hugged him "thank you so much mr.barker when is my first day?" Releasing my hug he answered "tomorrow will be your first day and ill give you your uniform then. So I'll have the time to make you a name tag tonight" I smiled a big smile "alright see you tomorrow mr.baker!" with that I walk out of the bakery hearing the chime sound once more and out to the city street. 
~walking around~ 
I had stopped at a Starbucks a couple shops down for some coffee because I forgot to get it at the bake shop. "caramel frappuccino, please" I said when as soon as I walked up to the counter "sure what's your name?" A girl with blonde hair asked me "Lilly" I responded as I gave her the money for the drink. She put it in the register, then wrote my name in sharpie on the coffee cup and walked away to make my coffee. When she came back she handed me the coffee "have a great day" I got a tissue "you too thanks!" I walked out the door drinking my ice coffee it was better than back home it tasted so great. My phone buzzed, I then stopped to look into my bag and find it, I pulled it out an started walking again. 
From Jeffery: alright Lilly make sure to call me if you need anything. 
A bit late for this text? I thought to myself just as I was about to look up typical me, I bumped into someone knocking my phone and coffee to the ground. "Oh my god I'm sooo sorry" his face was full of sorrow and fear when I looked up at him. "please don't scream" he pleaded I opened my mouth but he covered it " PLEASE, please don't scream.... If I take my hand off of you mouth could you not scream?" I nodded  my head "okay then I'll let go" he slowly lifted his hand off of my mouth and waited patiently to make sure I didn't scream. I opened my mouth again " why would I scream?" he looked at me confused "do you know who I am ?"  I shook my head he looked at me for a moment to figure out if I was pulling a prank on him "you really don't know who I am do you?...Umm-" he scratched the back of his neck and looked back at me " I'm Harry Styles" he smiled a cheeky grin " I'm Lilly Davis, and I should get going " he stood in place not thinking and then something brought him back to life "Uh wait," he grabbed my wrist and held his right hand up with my phone held tightly in it "you left this, sorry about bumping into you and spilling your coffee" I looked at him he was a cute guy with an amazing accent and perfect curly hair but I refused to look in his eyes if I did I would fall in love with him, just like every other guy I've fell for. His voice filtered through my ears again "can I make it up to you ?" I stared at him blank faced I wasn't gonna let any guy in this time, if he wants me he's gonna have to work for it. "For what, my coffee you mean? I was almost finished with it anyways and we bumped into each other so it's fine. I should really get going its getting late" I shifted to my left to pass him as I started off he spoke up making me turn around "we'll it was nice to meet you Lilly I hope I'll see you again?" he meant to make it sound like a question but I dodged it "you too, bye Harry" and with that I walked off heading home I had a long day ahead of me and I defiantly wasn't going to pass up the chance on a good job. 
Tomorrow I'm the new baker girl....
Authors note: 
hey everyone I know it's been passed spring break and I haven't posted I only posted before but I have defiantly been writing as you can tell from the extra long chapter that could have become a novel in itself. So yeah it literally took me four days to write this chapter considering the fact that two days where wasted on junk writing cause I had to re write the WHOLE chapter I was half asleep again when I wrote the rough draft and it was terrible so I had to rewrite hope you love this chapter although its super long it's hopefully what you have all been waiting for. 
Like, favorite, read, comment, tell your friends about my movella!! oh and I'm so grateful for my 2k you did this and I would be nothing without my readers so thx soooooooo much I love you and please I'm begging leave me a comment idk if you hate my book or stop reading half way cause you think it's boring unless you leave me a comment and tell me. I can take criticism so leave me a comment PLEASE !!!!!! Anyway time for me to sleep I've been up all night ( lol 1D ) writing the rest of this chapter it's 9:39 goodnight my lovely readers ~Mariaxx :P <3






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