Fall For Five

Well now that I kinda know what direction ( lol ) I want to go in with my story I thought I should write a little review on what new readers will read in this story =D
Falling for Five is a story about a young girl named Lilly Davis an 18 year old american girl who has only ever wanted one thing, when her parents gives her the gift of a life time she goes out on an adventure to start a life on her own.
Hopefully that makes you want to read my story if not just give me a chance and read it anyway and maybe leave me a comment telling me what you did or didn't like about it, also leave me the name of a story you want me to read.


10. Coming Home

Lilly's P.O.V

I ran all the way home, hot tears still moving down my face. When I got inside I peeked out the window, but there where no cars...just then I got a message from my mom saying
Mom: Sweetheart your father and I are going to be home a little later than usual we just need to stop somewhere before we come home.
Me:Alright see you here
I reply I ran down upstairs wiping the left over tears from my face, grabbed some house clothes, and a towel then jumped straight in the shower. I didnt want my parents to see me crying so I washed my hair and body then got dressed quickly after.

Author's Note : sorry this chapter is short I'll be posting another one in like a couple minutes so hopefully it will be longer xx~maria
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