Fall For Five

Well now that I kinda know what direction ( lol ) I want to go in with my story I thought I should write a little review on what new readers will read in this story =D
Falling for Five is a story about a young girl named Lilly Davis an 18 year old american girl who has only ever wanted one thing, when her parents gives her the gift of a life time she goes out on an adventure to start a life on her own.
Hopefully that makes you want to read my story if not just give me a chance and read it anyway and maybe leave me a comment telling me what you did or didn't like about it, also leave me the name of a story you want me to read.


26. A Run In


 Harry's P.O.V

"Hey Harry," I heard Liam say as I sat in the living room of his flat in Wolverhampton we had just gotten back from our tour two nights ago and are here to spend the week with Liam's family his mom's birthday is in a couple days and he didn't want to come alone so we all came together before we go to our summer beach house. "Yeah Liam" I asked from his living room " Would you mind going out to the bake shop here in town and getting some coffee and sweets until I go food shopping later?" I felt bad for Liam he stood up all night to make sure he got everything planned out for his mothers birthday party he loves parties and i'm sure he went all out for her but with all the planning forgot to get food for us to eat during the week I knew he was dead tired " yeah that's fine dont worry about it just get some sleep before you pass out mate" he laughed and yawned then was on his way upstairs. I put on my shoes and headed out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~walking around~

   I was lost but kept walking trying to find a shortcut to the bake shop. I didn"t want any attention right now the paparazzi and fans will swarm around me and find out that we are at Liam's flat our fans still think we are at our last hotel in London and the paparazzi are dying to find us cause they go alone with our fans but know things seem a bit suspicious. I should have called Paul but that would have attracted too much attention. I wasn't watching where I was going and accidentally bumped into someone while looking back to make sure no one was following me, her coffee flew across the floor and her phone had fell next to me on the sidewalk. I looked at her with complete sorrow "Oh my god I'm sooo sorry" she said, I stared at her but then remembered she might scream and got scared "please don't scream" I pleaded she was about to open her mouth but I couldn't risk it, I did the only thing I could do to stop her from screaming I put my hand on top of her mouth " PLEASE, please don't scream.... If I take my hand off of you mouth could you not scream?" she nodded her head "okay then I'll let go" I slowly lifted my hand off of her mouth and waited patiently to make sure she didn't scream. She opened her mouth again " why would I scream?" I looked at her confused "do you know who I am ?"  I asked her questionably she shook her head no. I looked at her for a moment to figure out if she was pulling a prank on me "you really don't know who I am do you?...Umm-" I scratched the back of my neck and looked back at her " I'm Harry Styles" I smiled with a cheeky grin " I'm Lilly Davis, and I should get going " she answered. I stood in place not thinking and then something brought me out of my shock "Uh wait," I grabbed her wrist and held my right hand up with her phone held tightly in it "you left this, sorry about bumping into you and spilling your coffee" she looked at me she was perfect I spoke again "can I make it up to you ?" she stared at me blank faced "For what, my coffee you mean ?" she said in a bit of a sassy way then continued, "I was almost finished with it anyways and we bumped into each other so it's fine. I should really get going its getting late" and with that she shifted to her left to pass me as she started walking off I spoke up making her turn around. "We'll it was nice to meet you Lilly I hope I'll see you again?" I meant to make it sound like a question but she dodged it "You too, bye Harry" and with that she just walked off heading home I suppose. I watched her as her beautiful brown curls drooped down in back of her, the smell of cotton candy perfume whisked by me as she passed. Did she really not who I was? I was confused and shocked at the same time. I've never liked a girl and let her go without her number in my hands. She was different. Girls usually throw themselves at me in hopes to get me to just look at them, but her she wasn't interested in me at all. I contemplated going after her but she really did seem in a rush to get home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     I found the bake shop Liam had sent me to get some sweets and coffee from I walked in and a little bell rang a older looking man had walked up from the kitchen. "Hello sir what can I get you ?" he said in a low voice, " Can I get five coffee's dark with two sugars in each and your biggest box of chocolate chip cookies." the man put my order in his cash register and starred making the coffee's. While he was getting everything prepared I made  small talk so it would be less silent, " So its just you in this small little bake shop ?" I spoke up "Yes but not for long just hired a young girl this afternoon. I finally figured out that I wasn't so young anymore and would be needing help around here, my wife helped me start this place but died of cancer a couple months back and my son moved out of the country " I listened to him talk while he finished up my order he put a bunch of cookies in a big box and placed them on the counter and the five cups of coffee right next to it then rung up my order. " I'm sorry to hear that." poor old man he had nothing to live for he kept this small bake shop alive for his wife. He handed my money back but I put it alone with 20 dollars in his tip jar. " Have a good day sir, I hope you get the help you need." he thanked me and I was on my way back to Liam's flat.


~Author's note~

Hey everyone I'm so sorry I stopped writing for four months I had writers block and I felt like no one really appreciated my writing for them so I just stopped I never kept writing so this is what I just finished typing tonight off the top of my head without editing so I really hope you like it and if you are unhappy with my chapter please leave me a comment or leave one even if you loved it please I beg and thank my sister if your happy I'm back she told me to start up again cause I was on the edge of deleting my whole story so far and quit writing but she helped me see that I obviously couldn't do that to all my readers so far. I'm sorry again for being gone so long but I hope I made up for it with this extra long chapter I literally stood up all night but I'm finally gonna get that rest I NEED now so love you all !!!!!! oh and P.S- Thank you so much for all my readers, likers, and people that favorited before this chapter from the beginning and I hope there are a bunch more to come for my future chapters........PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read, like, favorite, comment and share it would mean the world to me ~Maria =P <3


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