Without You

This is the story of Jamie, Hana, Ginger, Juliet and John. Their best friend commits suicide.

Jessica. Bullied every day. So tired of it she ended her life, before it even started.

Broken hearts heal over time. Or so they say.

(Formerly entitled 'Never The Answer')


3. The Counselors

I'm standing here, my arms linked with Hana's, Jamie's and Ginger's. There's been no sign of John. People walking around us are looking at us with sorry looks. We take a deep breath, open the door and walk in. So many people rush up when they see us. "I'm so sorry," "I really liked Jessica," "I can't believe she's gone," "Are you guys okay?" All that and more form a symphony around us. We just ignore them and keep walking.

Sitting in a corner we discuss the plan. Or you know, lack-there-of. "The grief couselors expect you to cry. So if you need to cry, go see them or do it at home. We need to keep up the image tht we don't cry alot. And if people ask why, say it's because you only mourn and cry the day they die, and the day of the funeral. Understand?" says Jamie softly. Her voice shakes as she speaks. We nod. Books get pulled out and homework gets done. Then after what seems to be about fifteen minutes, our names get called to the office. Here we go.

*In the office*

"Girls, we know you and Jessica Traviston were close. These ladies are here to help you. You are free to go and talk with them whenever you feel it necessary," says Mr. Dove, our principal. The small, slight, red haired woman steps forward. "Hello girls, I am Dr. Anna Morgan but you call me Anna okay?" She seems nice. She smiles frequently that is certain. "I am Dr. Maxine Potter. Please call me Max," says the taller blonde. We nod solemly. "Follow us. We will start be talking about Jessica okay?" Anna asks us gently. We nod and follow her down the hall and into the room that would be the guidance councelor's office if your school had one. We do not.

"So, tell us about Jessica. What made her your best friend?"


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