Without You

This is the story of Jamie, Hana, Ginger, Juliet and John. Their best friend commits suicide.

Jessica. Bullied every day. So tired of it she ended her life, before it even started.

Broken hearts heal over time. Or so they say.

(Formerly entitled 'Never The Answer')


7. Not Again

Jamie and I talk a bit more. I can see she's geting tired. Her eyes start dropping and her breathing evens out. Soon she's fast asleep. I study her face. So peaceful.

I hunt up a camera because the look on her face is one worth rembering. No, I'm not a stalker or creeper or rapist or something like that. I hear the 'click' of my lame camera. Let's just say, I suck at photography. The sound wakes up Jamie and she's not pleased.

"Johnathan, why are you creeping on me while I sleep?" She jokes. I blush and show her the picture. then her jaw goes slack and her ears turn the colour of a tomato. "Oh."


I look at Ginger. I can't believe this is happening again. Jessica did this too. I shake my head as the memories flood. I'm the only one who knows Jess cut, and I intend to keep it that way. 'Don't think about that now Hana. You know perfectly well you got her to stop.' I think to myself. I lean against my wall and slide down it. Once I'm on the ground I bash my head against the wall to get the images out of my head but they won't budge. I blast music, watch TV, bake cookies. Nothing helps. What am I supposed to do? The images of Jess and Ginger cutting spin around in my head in a bright burning red. I clutch my head and scream, begging for the flashes to go away. Juliet pokes her head in the room.

"Hana? What's wrong? You were screaming." The look on my face must say enough because soon I'm picked up by Juliet, Jamie and John. I slip into unconciousness.

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