Without You

This is the story of Jamie, Hana, Ginger, Juliet and John. Their best friend commits suicide.

Jessica. Bullied every day. So tired of it she ended her life, before it even started.

Broken hearts heal over time. Or so they say.

(Formerly entitled 'Never The Answer')


5. Breaking

I'm sitting on my bed. I've been crying since we got home a week ago. I don't know what to do! I'm waiting for the fresh wave of tears and sobs that rack my body, but they won't come. I hear my door creak open and the bed dips as someone sits beside me.

"G, you need to take a shower. You also need to eat. You haven't moved in a week. I know this is hard, we just need to keep going. If Jess was still around, she'd bitch at you about how you've given up. Come on. I made you your favorite, Cajun style chicken. At the moment, you're not living. You're exisiting. I set up a bath for you, now go it in it," Juliet hugs me tight.

I get in the tub and do as I was told. Hana has to stay in there with me though, because eariler I had broken the razor so that I have a blade I can cut myself with. Hana watches my hands. I finish and leave to eat. I don't have much, but something's better than nothing.

**3 days later**

It's been three days since I last saw Ginger. I've been so wrapped up in helping John get back together that I forgot about Ginger completely! I feel terrible. I ran in to Ginger's room and looked for her.

After searching most of the room, I find her beside her bed. Something is clutched in her hand. I see a flash of light hitting metal. I snatch the thing from her. Looking at her arm, I see blood. I look more closely at the thing in my hand. It's a razor blade. And it has blood on it.

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