Without You

This is the story of Jamie, Hana, Ginger, Juliet and John. Their best friend commits suicide.

Jessica. Bullied every day. So tired of it she ended her life, before it even started.

Broken hearts heal over time. Or so they say.

(Formerly entitled 'Never The Answer')


1. Prologue

I'm sitting here at Jessica's funeral. Nobody knows what to say. It's not like a 17 year old dies everyday; especially commits suicide. Honestly it doesn't happen much around here. What am I supposed to do? I'm eighteen, the oldest of my best friends. All of us our in our final year of high school and Jessica was among that group. The four of us sit in the back corner crying our hearts out. Hana, Ginger Geneviève/GG, Juliet, and me. My name's Jamie Daniella or JD. Jessica made the fifth of our sisterhood; well there's only four now.

Jessica was bullied everyday just like the rest of us are. She just couldn't take it anymore. She caved, succumbing to the hateful lies and commited suicide two days ago. She just... cut her wrists, and took a bunch of pills to top off the cake of death. I just can't believe she's gone. It feels surreal. But here we are crying so hard I'm afraid the walls will start to shake.

The service ends which means that the girls and I must head to our house. We live together. We all did. 'Ronan' by Taylor Swift plays on the radio. "Flowers piled up in the worst way, no one knows what to say", the lyrics ring throughout the silence of the van. The story they tell is too truthful. Next thing we know, 'When You're Gone' by Avril Lavigne is playing. I pull the car over because I'm losing it and feeling a fresh wave of tears coming.

She's gone. Jamie, she's gone; forever. She's never coming back. "I'm sorry for your loss".

All the words I heard at the funeral finally sink in. She's gone. Really gone. And there's nothing I can do about it.

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