My Best Friends Brother

Abigail is moving to London for collage with her best friend Charlotte.

Charlotte, after so many years finally tells Abigail that her Brother is Louis Tomlinson (in one direction).
Abigail loves One Direction and mostly Harry Styles,
but what she dosnt know is that Louis might have a CRUSH on her,
but will she love him back

if thats not enough to convince you read it!


5. Feelings :( :)

Abby's pov
Did I just hear Louis say he has Feelings for me? WAIT pinch me I'm dreaming! OUCH!!!
No I'm not!! What should I say back! Should I tell him I like him too? But we just met! Should I reply back?! What should I do???!!!!!

Zayn's pov
Did Lou just say he has feelings for Abigail?
I didn't want to say or think this but I kinda like her too
I'm kind of jealous! But shhhhh don't tell anyone!

Charlotte's pov
My brother is hitting or has feelings for my BFF?!
Ugh what can I do!?
Should I support him... Help him get her...or tell him she's not right for him
What do I do???!!!

Louis' pov
What did I just say!
I said I liked her as more than friends right in front of everybody!
I hate myself! :(
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