My Best Friends Brother

Abigail is moving to London for collage with her best friend Charlotte.

Charlotte, after so many years finally tells Abigail that her Brother is Louis Tomlinson (in one direction).
Abigail loves One Direction and mostly Harry Styles,
but what she dosnt know is that Louis might have a CRUSH on her,
but will she love him back

if thats not enough to convince you read it!


4. Abigail umm i-i......

Harry's P.O.V

okay...? Charlottes friend just ummm... KISSED ME!

It was kinda wierd becuse i didnt really know her she's a fan. But I have to say, I do kinda like her! Shes really pretty...let me think that agian...shes really beautiful!

But I think Louis likes her!

WHAT SHOULD I DO???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????


        Louis' P.O.V

"um so, Abigail where do you come from?" I said

"I am from Fresno" she responded with a uniqe smile!

"Sorry but, where is that in?" Niall asked talking in his fast irish accent. " its in California!" Harry said trying to act smart

"oh... never heard of it" liam said

"yeah... its a small town" Abigail responded

"so where is Zayn?" Charlotte asked



Zayn's P.O.V



"HAHA you guys didnt know I was back here did you?"

"we did!" the boys said with chuckels

" yeah yeah lads"

"so Abigail are you dating anyone?" Louis asked


"its okay... i like him too" Abigail said

"But you kissed Harry" Louis responded

"I know but, your cool too louis!" Abigail said

" Abigail umm you more than a friend"

Louis said with a cheeky smile.













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