My Best Friends Brother

Abigail is moving to London for collage with her best friend Charlotte.

Charlotte, after so many years finally tells Abigail that her Brother is Louis Tomlinson (in one direction).
Abigail loves One Direction and mostly Harry Styles,
but what she dosnt know is that Louis might have a CRUSH on her,
but will she love him back

if thats not enough to convince you read it!


1. moving to LONDON! :]


Abigail P.O.V


Well we are on our way to London,

our plane is just about to take off!

Who knows what we will see in London,

but what im hoping is that we see ONE DIRECTION!

 I bet that will never happen! lol

well were off!!!!!!!



Charlotte's P.O.V


We have taken off and in the air right this second,

I cant belive we are going back to were I was born

I want to see my family and mostly Louis

I miss him the most! He's my brother and the BEST!

I have not told Abigail that Louis is my brother becuase when I tell someone they freak out and I bet you know what happens next....... but maybe just maybe ill tell her.


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