When i laid my eyes on you

Amy was your typical 17 year old girl obssesd with One Direction. What will happen when she meets them over summer break?


3. The Plane Ride {His P.O.V}

Louis's P.O.V

Its been three months since El borke my heart. Once we got on the plane, we found our seats. I saw the prettiest girl  in the world. Just then Harry took my carrots.

"Give me back my carrots Harry!"i said.

I guess I was loud cuz then i heard her say

"Hey asshole, shut the hell up im trying to sleep!"

Jeez someone was not a happy camper.

"Sorry...um...er...Sorry Love didnt mean to wake you" i said.

" No i sorry, im just craby, Im Amanda but call me Amy." she said

"Well hello Amy Im Louis, and this is Niall, Harry, Zayn and Liam." Isaid


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