When i laid my eyes on you

Amy was your typical 17 year old girl obssesd with One Direction. What will happen when she meets them over summer break?


2. Meeting Them

Amy P.O.V

I woke up to a loud screaming,

"Give me back my carrots Harry!", the voice said.

"Hey asshole, shut the hell up im trying to sleep!", i said

"Sorry um...err...sorry love, didnt mean to wake you."

"No im sorry, im just craby, im Amanda, but just call me Amy."i said

I finally looked over at him and man was he cute, i mean hella cute. Wait, thats LOUIS OF ONE FUCKING DIRECTION.

"Well hello Amy Im Louis and this is Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Liam." he said.


A/N well guys i got my first ever comment ever and it was really sweet, and it made my day! In the next chapter i will give Louises pov. tell me if this story is moving too fast, cuz then i will slow it down.

Question of the Day:

how old are you?

belive it or not im 11

love you guys

later alligators

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