You've got that one thing :)


8. 8

Sammi's POV

-You are next find another damn girl and you will be wishing you were in hell, love you...C-

"Harry...keep an eye out for Maddy, dont let anything happen to her I will be back I promise." I said as I stood up.

"Where are you going? You dont even know who 'C' is." Harry obkected as he stood up next to me.

"Im going to kill her. Thats where I am going. I will be back I promise." I responded.

"Who is 'C'?" he asked.

"She is my enemy...thats all you have to know." I replied then walked off.

"Make sure Maddy and Liam are safe, dont mention me leaving...I will be back in a week." I called behind me.


Harry's POV

Who the hell is 'C'?! As I watched Sammi walk out, with her hair swaying back and forth. I whispered 'I will' before turning around and walking the opposite direction to the others.

"Where is Sammi?" Liam asked.

"She is going to California for a week..." I lied.

"Did she say why?" he pushed.

"She is going to talk to her second cousin Shel..." I lied, well she did have two cousins named Shel or Shelby either way.

"Oh..ok." he responded, with a sigh.

"I offered to help watch Maddy." I said quickly.

"Im watching Maddy, im her dad." he said, with a smile...I nodded in understandment.


Sammi's POV

[x] black boots

[x] black gloves

[x] black pants

[x] black top

[x] red lipstick

[x] black beanie

[x] 2 knifes

And now im ready to kick some ass, lets do this! :)

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