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7. 7

Sam's POV

I slowly opened my eyes, as I saw Niall and Zayn sitting by my side. They were staring at me, litterly I didnt see there eyes blink once.

"Hey" I said hoping to get there attention.

"Hey" they replied not taking there eyes off of me still. Ok this was getting creepier.

"Can you guys please not stare at me?" I asked annoyed as I rubbed my eyes.

"Sorry, we are on a mission right now." Zayn responded.

"Oka---ow!" I exclaimed in pain. Wherever they took my kidney out, it hurts like bad.

"Are you ok? Im going to get the doctor. Niall keep your eyes on her." Zayn paniced while running out of the room to get the doctor.

"Whats with this whole mission thing?" I questioned Niall.

"Liam requested for us to not take our eyes off of you, and make sure you are alright." Niall responded. I just nodded since I was in pain. Just then the doctor and Zayn walked in.

"Its normal to feel like this. Here take these pain killers." the doctor said while handing me a medication sup that had two pills in it.

"Thanks" I said while taking the pills. Then the doctor walked out.

"So how's Liam?" I asked, on that que Liam came in with Maddy in his hands.

"MADDY! LIAM!" I exclaimed while hugging them.

"SAMMI!" Maddy yelled.

"Can we have some time alone please, just me, Maddy, and Sam?" Liam asked Niall and Zayn. They nodded then walked out.

"How are you feeling?" Liam asked me.

"In pain, but I will feel better soon." I responded smiling.

"How's Maddy?" I asked.

"All better Mummy!" Maddy claimed.

"Thats good." I said. Just then Harry walked in.

"Hey Liam I was wonder----wait Sam whats on your face?" Harry asked focusing on my face.

"I have no idea...I could have some allergy to the medicine." I shrugged off, as my voice started to fade, and my skin started to itch.

"HARRY GET THE DOCTOR AND TAKE MADDY WITH YOU!" Liam exclaimed, seconds later after Harry was out the doctor came rushing in. My face started to swell up. Then I felt somethin being injected into me, the swelling went down along with the itching. As for the rash, it would be gone in a day or two.

"An allergic reaction. Guess you cant have that one anymore...stupid morphine." the doctor complained.

"The pain is going away, I should be alright." I said quickly before he gave me more medicine.

"No, it needs to be gone...just try this Tylenol (idk how to spell that). The pain should be gone in an hour or so." he answered while handing me the medicine. I quickly took it and chugged down some apple juice...big mistake.

"I GOTTA PEE!" I exclaimed and ran off to the bathroom, I slipped on something wet...ewwwww...I hope its water. I tried to get up, but I couldnt. I just laid there debating on wether to call the nurse/doctor or Liam.


"Ya?" he called back.

"Can you help me?" I asked chuckling.

"Ya sure. Are you in your clothes?" he asked.

"Im in the gown like thing...ya im clothed." I responded, then Liam quickly walked in and helped me to my feet.

"You ok?" he asked concerned as he helped me walk back to the room (yes I already washed my hands blah).

"Ya im alright. The pain went away...I think." I responded smiling.

"Hey guys good news, you all can go home now." the doctor exclaimed.

"Was I really that big of a pain?" I mumbled upder my breath making Liam laugh.

"Whats so funny?" the doctor asked him looking serious.

"I remember the other day how Maddy called Sam the grandma." he lied and started to laugh.

"Ok whatever. You guys can go now." the doctor said as we walked out, with Maddy in Liam's hands. I was holding Liam's hand when I saw Harry crying in the corner....crying?!

"Hey Liam I have to pee...I will meet you in the waiting room." I said as I let go of his hand.

"You just went." he complained.

"I have to see whats up with Haz please just let me talk to him." I begged, while looking in his eyes.

"Ok just dont get hurt." he said as he pecked my lips then walked away with Maddy. I rushed over by Harry's side kneeling down besides him, embracing him in a hug. He is like a brother to me and when I see him cry it just hurts me.

"Whats wrong Harry?" I whisper asked.

"My mum died in a car accident." he sobbed out as he hugged me. Oh my gosh I feel so bad for him.

"I am so so sorry. You have us though...we are all family." I assured him.

"But this was no accident..." he said while handing me his said...

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