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5. 5

Maddy's POV

It has been 2 years since I called Liam my daddy. He is the best daddy anyone can ever have, let me tell you that. I am getting homeschooled by Sammi right now, because of some reason that she wont tell me. I found out that daddy is in the band One Direction, and so are my uncles Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. I get spoiled by all of them. I mean when Sammi and daddy go on a date, uncle Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn all watch over me, for breakfast I get ice cream or chocolate, then they take me to the movies or a water park, tell me thats not cool. Last night I spent the night at Harry and Louis's, because I was so bored that I called Sammi (mommy) grandma and Liam (daddy) grandpa.

"Louis!" I whisper yelled as I crept into his room.

"Ya sweety?" he asked as he patted the spot next to him for me to sit, I gladly took the offer and ran up to him, then sat down.

"Have you ever had that dream or feeling that you were sleeping on a couch and you fell off?" I asked.

"Ya plenty of times. Do you want ice cream?" he questioned.

"My tummy hurts so bad though...I think im gonna blow." I said, while running into his bathroom.

"Sweety are you ok?!" Louis and Harry asked concerned as they sat besides me.

"I dont feel so well." I said. Louis kept on rubbing circles in my back trying to calm me down. It normally worked, but it didnt this time.

"Can you tell me how your tummy hurts like where it does and what it feels like?" he asked.

I pointed to the center of my stomach...

"Right here and it doesnt feel like it normally hurts worse." I responded. My stomach hurts more than ever. Suddenly my eyes closed and the last words I heard were 'hurry her eyes are closed' then I couldnt hear anything else.


Harry's POV

Oh my gosh! Maddy needs to get her butt up! What caused her to hurt this bad? I hurried up and called Liam.

"Hey Harry why are you calling at 6am?" he asked.

"Meet us at the hospital." I responded.

"WHAT HAPPEND?!" he yelled through the phone.

"We dont know, but Maddy said her stomach was hurting like really bad, then her eyes closed." I replied.

"Ok were going to be there in a few." he said then hung up.

We rushed to the hospital, I drove and Louis sat in the back with Maddy on his lap. Man she is a cutie. I didnt wait for Louis to get out with her, I just rushed out of the car and hurried up and picked Maddy up, then ran her inside.

"WE NEED A DOCTOR AND NOW!" I yelled, just when Maddy was placed on a gurney, Sam and Liam came rushing in followed by Zayn and Niall. Everyone was in tears.

"What happend?" Sam asked as we sat in the waiting room.

"She said that her stomach hurt, and that it hurt more than it did before." I responded.

"Oh my gosh." she said like she remembered something.

"What? What is it?" I asked.

"She...she...she has...." she said and those words stung me like that.

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