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4. 4

Liam's POV

Its already 6am, Maddy and I are the only ones up. I made breakfast for Maddy already. Im just waiting on Sam to get her butt up. Me and Maddy have been talking all morning. And let me tell you, she knows how to say alot...I mean I just say something and she just gets a self to self connection and wow..she can talk. Right now we were talking about Sam.

"So how old is Sam?" I asked her

"She is 17 almost 18. And im 4!" she responded smiling while playing with the grass in her hands.

"What would happen if I was her boyfriend?" I asked without thinking.

"You would be my daddy!" she exclaimed and hugged me.

"Do you want me to be your daddy?" I asked her.

"Duh!" she yelled just as Sam came running over to us and picking up Maddy.

"Are you ok Maddy?" she asked her.

"Ya! I was just talking to daddy!" she exclaimed.

"He isnt your daddy and never will be." Sam said as she brushed Maddy off.

"But I want him to be!" Maddy exclaimed throwing her hands up in the air dramatically. I stood up next to them, as Sam glared at me.

"He shouldnt have taken you away without me knowing." she claimed.

"Sam please. You needed the sleep. We were just talking." I said as I put a hand on her shoulder.

"I dont care if I needed it or not, you should have told me." she argued back.

"Sammi calm down. I love Liam!" Maddy butted in. She sighed.

"Im sorry for blowing up on you Liam. Its just im very protective over her. She is like my own baby. And not to mention the only family member I have left." Sam said.

"Hey its not your fault." I said as she sat Maddy down.

"Yes it----" before she could say anything else I crashed my lips on hers. She kissed back, and smiled in the kiss.

"OOOOH LIAM HAS A CWUSH!" Maddy yelled, then tried to whistle, but failed and burped instead.

"Scuse me." she said smiling.

"Sam will you be my girlfriend?" I asked Sam after the kiss we just shared.

"Ya." she replied smiling.

"I HAVE A DADDY NOW!" Maddy exclaimed as she ran around in a circle.


Maddy's POV

I have a mummy and daddy now! What else could I ask for? Oh ya to meet Dora! Dora dora the explorer dora!

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