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3. 3

Liam's POV

We were all at the park, including Louis and Zayn. They have been cooped up in their rooms since Eleanor and Perrie broke up with them.

"So what song should we play?" Sam asked us.

"Do stand up Sammi!" Maddy exclaimed.

"Ya!" everyone agreed, even Louis and Zayn...suprise suprise.

We were all dancing like idiots, until we heard Maddy scream. We all turned in the direction that she screamed in and...nothing. Sam ran in that direction, which I ran after her. It lead to the woods...not creepy at all...not one bit. Then another scream...followed by another...then another until we couldnt hear it anymore. Sam kept running, as I was right behind her. She dropped down to her knees and cried into her hands.

"Sam we will find her." I reassured her. I heard a faint 'liam'. I looked all around and found Maddie's headband, on a path. I got up, put Sam on my back, then took off down the trail...running. We ran for at least an hour, but no sign. We took a break as it was already noon.

"Liam, can I tell you something?" Sam asked.

"Ya you can tell me anything." I reassured her, while moving closer to her.

"Well awhile ago...I used to hate life and everything...until I heard of your guys' music. I remember that a guy tried to take Maddy from me about 3 years ago, but didnt all. I have a feeling that it is him that took her, Liam." she responded.

"Whats his name?" I questioned 

"Well he used to be my major crush, but his name is Jordan..." she replied. I walked over to a tree that had writing on it...

"What is that?" Sam questioned.

"His address which isnt even a mile from here. In fact...its 10 minutes from----" I was interrupted by Maddy's scream. I had Sam get on my back, as I ran us to where we heard the scream.

There I found a guy, that was attempting to act like he was her child. I walked closer, and closer...trying not to be noticed. But with my luck that failed.

"LIAM!" Maddy yelled in excitement. I ran up to them, and sat Sam down on her feet. She took Maddy somewhere away from here, as I handled this stupid idiot.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT YOU WERE DOING WITH MY CHILD?!" I shouted, pretending Maddy was my daughter.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK I WAS DOING?! I wife had a miscarrige." he whispered the last part.

"Im sorry about can always try again...anyway please dont take my child away please." I said smiling at him, just a sweet innocent smile.

"I wont. I promise." he responded as I walked away, to find Sam and Maddy.

"Maddy...shhhh...." I heard someone whisper, close by...I looked in the tree and found Sam and Maddy sitting up there. I smiled at them and waved them down. Maddy slipped while taking a step down. I quickly caught her, and sat her down making sure she was alright.

"AHHHH! LIAM!" I heard Sam yell like she was in danger...

"Maddy stay here for a minute..." I said quickly as I ran over to see what Sam wanted, but she came falling down into my arms. I smiled, as we stared into each others eyes for awhile until Maddt came running up to me like she saw something scary. I sat Sam down, and looked at Maddy in the eyes trying to figure out why she was freaking out. I mean were in a forest whats there not to be scared of?!

"Maddy...whats wrong?" I asked calmly, while putting her in my arms.

"I saw....a guy with b-black hair come up to me...and he tried to pick me up...but I bit him." she replied catching her breath. Oh just scared a 4 year old to death...

"Maddy, thats Zayn...he is a nice boy." I responded looking in her eyes. She looked so much like Sam. My thoughts were interrupted by someone tapping my shoulder. I spinned up, with Maddy in my hands.

"Hey Liam...uhm why are you holding a baby?" Zayn asked me.

"This is Maddy...and this is Sam...they are comming with us back home." I replied smiling at Maddy.

"Wow...Sam is hot!" he whispered in my ear.

"Shes mine..." Maddy whispered back to Zayn. I burst into this girl can make me laugh...

"I mean between me and Liam...who would you let her be together with?" Zayn asked Maddy.

"Liam...haha" she responded sticking her tounge out at him.

"Ahem! Im right here. Whos ready to go? This forest is giving me the creeps." Sam said and began walking.

"Its almost about we just camp out here?" Zayn suggested.

"And we have a baby..." she replied looking back at him.

"Thats why she sleeps with you and Liam..." he replied winking at me.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"I think we should head back home..." I claimed.

"Im tired..." Maddy said as she yawned and put her head in my chest. She is such a sweety!

"I dont know about you, but im tired...I guess we can sleep here...its just we have to watch Maddy..." Sam said while yawing and taking Maddy in her arms. She slowly say down on the ground...and Maddy moved closer to her.

"Im cold!" Maddy complained.

"I know sweety me too." Sam said while wrapping her hands around Maddy.

"Liam! Can you please come over here and warm us up?" Maddy pleaded.

"Sure." I said smiling, while I walked over to them and wrapping my arms around them...I think im falling for Sam, and hard.

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