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2. 2

Sam's POV

Its already 7am and me and Maddy are fully awake, playing hide and seek...

"1....2....3...wedy or not here me tome!" Maddy said as she tried to find me. I was hidden right in my closet, which I kept open a little so I could keep an eye on Maddy.

"Where is u Sammi?!" she asked cluelessly. I let out a slight giggle, which gave my hiding spot away...

"Are you hungry?" I asked her as I picked her up and held her in my arms.

"Mhm...oohh! Can we get McDonalds?" she asked smiling that cute smile of hers.

"Yup. Lets get our shoes on." I said as I sat her down and watched her run in the direction of the shoes rack.

"Come on!" she yelled turning her head to face me while still running, when she turned her head she went right into the wall...and onto her bum...I rushed over to her and picked her up craddeling her like a baby.

"Are you ok?" I chuckled a little

"Ya..." she replied while rubbing her head a little. I smacked the wall, and she laughed.

"Eh you can go without shoes..let me put my flip-flops on." I said while setting her on the couch. Finally I was ready, and we were out the door.

"Should we walk there or take the car?" I asked her.

"Uhmmmm...the car!" she said while bouncing in my arms. I sat her in her car seat and buckled her in, then I did the same with me...only I wasnt in the car seat I was litterly in the cars seat...

When we walked inside at McDonalds, we walked up behind the cash register...we were the only people in line.

"Hello welcome to McDonalds, how may I help you?" they older women asked.

"We would like two pancake meals please with apple juice to drink." I replied.

"That would be $8.50" she said smiling at Maddy. I gave her the money, took our food and went to find a table. I sat the diaper bag down on the table along with the food, then sat Maddy next to me.

Just then three people walked in and sat next to our table, while I was feeding Maddy her pancakes. I caught them staring at us. Why would they be staring at us?! I mean were just two people eating breakfast.

"Excuse me Maddy." I said and stood up.

"Where you going?" she asked.

"Im going to talk to some guys. Want to come?" I asked, as she nodded and jumped in my arms. With that we walked over to the boys.

"Hi!" Maddy said waving at them.

"Hey sweety! How are you?" one of them asked smiling at her. She looked at me, to see if it was alright to talk. I nodded and thats when I immediantly regreted it.

"Otay...why were you looking at my...uhm...mummy?" she asked.

"Maddy! Im your cousin..." I said while blushing.

"What happend with her mum?" the guy asked.

"She died. Along with daddy, sissy, shel, and her famwy. Wait you look like her brothers....?" Maddy said looking at them questionly.

"What no, Maddy!" I said

"Well you showed me those pictures of them...remember?" she asked me.

"Wait your from One Direction?" I asked like I had no idea.

" Liam and thats Niall and curly is Harry." Liam replied smiling.

"Oh...sorry to interrupt your breakfast...I think we should be going." I stumbled.

"No! Please stay!" Liam said while holding my wrist, so I couldnt move.

"Someone wants someone to be his girlfriend." Harry said wriggling his eyebrows.

"SAMMI'S MINE!" Maddy yelled while slamming her arms around my body.

"Awe sweety! I promise you that he wont take her from you." Harry said while kissing Maddie's cheek.

"EWWWWWWW!" she yelled and wipped the kiss off of her.

"Haha! She told you! Anyway me and Maddy are on our way to dance in the park. Wanna join?" I asked adjusting her to my side.

"Ya sure. Can the others join?" Niall asked.

"Yaaaaaaaaaa!" Maddy yelled in excitement and started bouncing up and down.

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