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Sam was just an original girl who got bullied for her looks...but that was just a normal everyday routine for her...she would walk into school and have people snickering about her. She tried to keep her head held high...until it got worse...

Guys began to start crap with her infront of her mum, but they supposedly didnt seem to see her mum sitting right there...watching them do that...she made her way to the car and got in... "Mum im about to kick there...butts..." she said. "I just saw what they did are you alright? Do you want me to yell at them?" her mum asked worriedly. Sam just shook her head 'no' and proceeded to her day, outside of school.

You would think that she is the quite girl? Well not at home she isnt. Only when she needs her space away from people. She would try to go to after school activities, but she just wouldnt because she was afraid that they bullying would become more and more. She doesnt eat at school, because people pick on her about her weight and crap like that.

Sam has brown hair, with blonde highlights...brown eyes...and loves to write...that seems to be the only way she can calm down. Her obsession is ONE DIRECTION! But she hardly has any confidence that she would meet them...I mean come on her family is struggling with money right now, she is 13 almost 14, and her step-dad just hates there guts...she still has no idea why.

Thats how Sam was 4 years ago...and now she is so much different. She dyed her hair a total brown and put green streaks in. She is now the only one left in her family, except her baby cousin Madison, who she watches over. She still obsesses over ONE DIRECTION, but this time she moved to London with her baby cousin Madison...or like she calls her, Maddy.

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