As long as you love me.

My name is Eleanor Cowell,known to the rest of the world(Except Connor,of course) as Selena Remirez,and this is the story of me.


2. Young-adult runaways.;)


*Tap!.....................Tap!................Tap!.......* Is what I kept hearing on my window.I sighed. I got off my bed,and ran to my balcony-ish window. CONNOR?! I opened my window. "Connor,what are you doing?" I asked. He didn't reply,he just sat down,and pulled out his IPOD. I could hear the music on it. "As long as you love me,we could be starving,we could be homeless,we could be broke,as long as you love me,I'll be your platinum,I'll be your silver,I'll be your gold,as long as you l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-love me." He sang along with it,staring at me. I smiled. "COME INSIDE!" I yelled. "IT'S FREEZING OUT THERE!" I added. He nodded an "Okay." And ran to my window. I moved aside and let him in. I smiled. He kissed me. "So,you hungry?" I asked him.

He nodded,so I ran off to the kitchen,and put on a pot of noodles. "Noodles are on!" I screamed. "Hi." He softly breathed into my ear. A grin creeped onto my face. "Hello." I replied. I turned around,and kissed him. I heard cursing outside,followed by the slamming of a car door. "Quick! Go hide in ...... Go hide in my secret room!" I whisper/shouted. He ran up the stairs to my room,and just as he ascended the stairs,and was out of sight,my dad came barging in. "THOSE DANG DIRECTORS! I SWEAR IF IT WERENT ILLEGAL I'D -- GO TO YOUR ROOM,ELEANOR,AND TURN OFF THOSE NOODLES!" He screamed. A tear dripped down my face,as I turned the stove off,dumped the pot into the sink,and ran up the stairs,into my room. I walked over to my closet,slid open the door,and stepped in. Once in,I used my phone light to guide my way through all the racks of clothes,to the VEEEERY bottom of the closet,where a little door was unlocked. Connor obviously knows where my key to it is. I opened the door,and while it was still open,slid the clothes back to their place,shut the little door,and locked it. "Connor," I whispered. "He's drinking." I said. Connor sighed. My dad used to love Connor,before he saw Connor's first,and only tattoo,of which said "R.I.P Deborah Renae Maxton 1998-2011" That was incased inside a heart. Ms.Deborah was Connor's mother. He doesn't have a father,I mean he does,but he don't know him. "I'm leaving," "I'm leaving tonight. I'm changing my,name,look,and everything. Are you going to come?" I asked. He nodded,eagerly. "Even if you said,my life depended on me NOT going with you,I still would. So where are we going?" He asked. I grinned. "London." I said. He grinned as well. It was only 5:30 PM so the courthouse was open for another 3 hours. I snuck out the window of my bedroom with connor and got on my bike,(ScooterBike thing-y thats like a motorcycle) and we rode to the courthouse. "Hello,sweetie." The lady in the front of the courthouse said. "Hi,ma'am. We'd like to change our names,please?" I asked,politely. The woman nodded. "Okay,what are your names' now?" She asked. "I'm Eleanor Cowell." I said. "Are you related to Simon Cowell?" She asked. I giggled. "Sadly,no." I said. She giggled as well. "And your name,sir?" She asked. "Connor Maxton" He replied,smiling. "Okay,it says here you are both old enough for a name change without alerting parents'. What are your new names?" She asked taking out our "Official new name certificate thing-y" That is basically our birth certificate,only with a different name. "I want my name to be Selena Remirez." I said. She smiled at me,and wrote it in permanent pen."Eric Costley." Connor said. "Perfect names." The lady winked at us. I smiled. She handed us our certificates,and we left the building. I put them in my bag thing-y on my handle bar of my bike,and I drove off to the general dollar. "Why here?" Connor--I mean,Eric,asked. "Hair dye,other stuff,ya know,the essentials,for young adult runaways." I said,giggling. Connor grinned at me. We walked into the store.After basically 30 minutes of not finding the hair dye,I walked over to an employee. "Excuse me,miss. Hi,where's the hair dye at,if you don't mind me asking." I said. "No problem! It's the aisle in front of the grocery aisle." She stated. "Thank you SO much." I said,giggling. "You're welcome,hun!" She replied. I walked over to the aisle she so kindly pointed out,and was relieved to find all the hair dye essentials. "Hmmm....How about......Blonde,and...... blue?!" I asked,I wanted an outrageous hairstyle. "Sweet!" Connor encouraged. I grinned. I grabbed the hair dye. "Your turn,Eric." I said. He chuckled. "I want to dye my hair .... Brown!" He said. He grabbed the brown hair dye,and placed it with mine. "Okay,now. I need..... A lip piercing!" I exclaimed. "Are you goth? Or scene?" Connor asked. "No,I just want a lip piercing." I said blushing,embarrasedly. "Hey,seems cool." He winked. I blushed,again. We walked over to another aisle,and grabbed alcohol,needles,and we find snake bite lip piercings in the front of the store. We also grabbed a couple bags of food and drinks. I still had $900 of babysitting money,after getting all this done,and I was going to get a van tonight. I put the bags in the back basket thing,and drove to "Mike's cars" that was down the road from the Dollar General. "Hello,miss." A man said to me. "Hi,do you have any used vans that are $500 or below?" I asked,sweetly. "Of course!" He said. He led me to a van that was $200 and it was used,but it was a turquoise family van,with the socket thing for two van TV's for the backseats,and one in the front. We bought the van(And signed a years worth of paperwork,) And then put my bike in the back of the van,and I hopped in the front. "You know,I'm going to have to park a block away from the house right? And I still got to get our 'Immediate passports' And then we can leave." I said. "Yes,I know." He said,chuckling. I giggled. I drove to the airport. We got the passorts,and tickets,and our plane leaves at 11:00 tonight,yada yada yada. "Okay,Eric,you will go into my secret room,and I'll stay in bed,then dad will come check on me at......9,then we have 2 hours to do our hair,and piercings,and then we can leave." I said. Eric nodded. "Got it." He said. I grinned. "You ready?" I asked. He grinned,and nodded. I drove until we was a block from my house. I took out my bike and we rode back on it. We went through my window,and immediately,Connor followed through with the plan,and went,and I assumed layed down on the secret bed.


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