As long as you love me.

My name is Eleanor Cowell,known to the rest of the world(Except Connor,of course) as Selena Remirez,and this is the story of me.


1. Why?

This is really nothing but a flashback.**Eleanor**

I stood in the lunch room of the hospital. "HELP!!" I heard Connor's voice. I dropped my tray,and ran to the door of the exit,and threw it open. I saw my dad,and Connor standing in the courtyard,dad's hands around Connor's neck. "DAD!!!" I screamed. I ran to him. He slapped me. "Your despicable!" He exclaimed. He stormed off,not before throwing Connor to the ground. I ran to his side,and with that,this became the first day my dad started hating my boyfriend--Husband,as of today.

(Sorry it's so short,I'm kinda busy..D:)

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