As long as you love me.

My name is Eleanor Cowell,known to the rest of the world(Except Connor,of course) as Selena Remirez,and this is the story of me.


3. Sorry...D:


At 9:07 PM,my father entered the room. "Go to sleep,you have chores to do tomorrow,and I'll need you to round me up some,grub tomorrow,too." With that said,he exited the room,and slams the door. I flinch. I was 5 minutes,just in case he decides to drop by again,and then tiptoe,lock my door,go to my closet and grab my suitcase. I put it down on my bed,and first,I grab things like; My notebooks,and pens,and writing and drawing utensils,my hair necessities(Which I keep out,)my laptop,and everything else,then I text Connor,and ask if he can come help. He exits the closet,and begins helping. Once we're done with my room,we go to the closet,grab the clothes,and then proceed to the secret room,we grab my other laptop,that I use when I panic,and run into my secret room,my phone charger,my scarves,my superman loves wonderwoman sheets,and my stash of candy. We were about to exit the secret room,when Connor dropped one of  the suitcases onto the floor of the secret room. The secret room,is RIGHT above my dad's bedroom. I quickly scatter to the door of the secret room,lock Connor in it,and jump into my bed,right as my dad walked in. "What was that noise?!" He shouted,angered. "I don't know dad,probably one of those darned squirrels you always curse about crawling through the walls." I said. Dad huffed. "For once,your prolly right. G'night." He said,and exited the room. I sighed. I texted Connor.

Are you okay?~Connor's girl~

I'm fine,are you? ~Connor<3'sEle~

Yeah. Dad just came in,we have to do our hair and stuff......~Connor's girl~

Yeah,we'll do it in here.Kay?~Connor<3'sEle~

Kay,coming.I'm bringing the stuff.:)~Connor's girl~


A/N: Sorry it's so short.D: I feel ashamed.xD

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