Just Us Too

Alexa is just your average girl brown hair brown eyes. Alexa has just gotten out of school for the summer. She goes with her friend to see a one direction consent what happens when she falls unloved with one of the boys will the hate get too her. Or is her love stronger than hate to find out read just us to.


12. Twitter drama

Lexis POV :

I woke up and looked at my phone and I have over a 1,000 twitter notifications so she looked at them and they were hate ful and rude they were from directioners and they we're things like

From@ Albanystyles101 : you are only dateing @harrystyles for the money or your a sank and a bitch

I was so sad and crush from the things they were Saying but I mostly looked at the good one because they were so no ce they roped all of the mean and hateful things people were saying also beacause I don't let things get to me because this is all just twitter drama the best twitter notification I got was this one

From @ directionerforlife101 : hey don't hate on @lexigirl110 she is nice and beautiful she has not done a single thing wrong to any of you you guys are just haters so leave her alone!!!!!

I followed her and wrote her a tweet saying thanks for what you said it was really thoughtful and nice of you ily !!!!!!!!

Then I logged off of thirteen and went down stairs to see something so shocking???
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