Just Us Too

Alexa is just your average girl brown hair brown eyes. Alexa has just gotten out of school for the summer. She goes with her friend to see a one direction consent what happens when she falls unloved with one of the boys will the hate get too her. Or is her love stronger than hate to find out read just us to.


6. The date

Lexie's POV : The next morning I woke up to a beeping sound it was my alarm clock so I hit the snooze button and got out of bed and looked at the new text from Harry and I could not believe what I saw it said goodnight my love sweet dreams. Did Harry really mean that if he did then he was very sweet so I thought I should text him back and say thx love you to hazz but I was fighting with my self to decide to text him that and I almost got a reply instantly asking me if I wanted to go out to lunch this afternoon and get to know each other more . So I replied I would love to how dose 1:30 sound? He texted sound perfect but not as perfect as you. And I blushed at the sound of it because of how sweet he was. But it was almost 12:00 so I needed to stay to get ready so I got a cute purple top and some jeans trying to keep it causal then I decided to do my hair curly since it was always straight then I texted Harry asking him were we wanted to have lunch. Then he text back to go to Starbucks and get a coffee and get food there and I texted back sounds great when I got there he wasn't there yet so I thought I would get my coffee and then wait for him to get hear while I was getting ready to take a sip out of my drink some one walked up behind me and sacred me causing me to almost slap him until I realized it was Harry. "Harry you scared me" I said while putting my hand over my chest " yah that was kinda the point" then I slapped him playfully in the arm and he laughed at me and I stared laughing with him until I broke the silence asking him what his favorite hobby was and he told me it was singing then he asked me what mine was and I told him singing and playing sports. For the rest of the afternoon we were talking but when it got dark out we had to leave so then he said that we should do this again some time and I agreed so while we were walking out to the cars he said good bye and then we leaned in for it and we kissed passionately on the lips and when we kissed it felt like fireworks and I never wanted to stop butt I knew we had to so I pulled away and we both had grins on our faces and he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes and kissed him on the lips again and he asked me if I would like to meet the boys Tom. And I said yes and this time when we kissed I wraped my legs around him and told him I loved him and that he was the best boyfriend ever . *authors note * Hey so how did you like the ch I wasn't going to add it until Tom but the stupid computer sent it out so you can thank it and how do u guys like the chapters so far yes not bad good horrible or great tell me what you think Lots of love Lexi <3

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