Just Us Too

Alexa is just your average girl brown hair brown eyes. Alexa has just gotten out of school for the summer. She goes with her friend to see a one direction consent what happens when she falls unloved with one of the boys will the hate get too her. Or is her love stronger than hate to find out read just us to.


5. nandos

lexis POV:

I am so hungry Madison said fine we can go to nandos. Yay !!!!! So I get dressed in a orange top and a pair of skinny jeans then I put some pink converse to tie the outfit down . Madison are you almost ready I asked. Yes are you almost ready yah just gotta put some lipstick on k then we can go .

10 min. Later............ At nandos

Are you ready to order? The waiter asked. Yes I'll have the Peri peri chicken please I said. Madison ordered the pizza. So after we got our food we started talking about the concert and what our favorite parts of the show was and I thought now I thought I should tell her what happened at the end of the show. Hey Madison . Yah um I have something to tell you. What she said as she got a worried look on her face. It's nothing bad but is something that happened at the end of the show and I'm pretty sure that Harry winked at me I told her feeling totally embarrass that I just told her that. But she had no reaction like she already new we'll do you have an answer I mean I expedited you to be telling me that I'm seeing things . I know I saw it and you aren't seeing things trust me I saw it two. Wow I can't believe it . Me nether Madison and the rear of dinner we were talking about what were going to do when we got back to Florida. After we paid we got up and were about to walk out the door when some one bumped into me trampling me to the floor when I looked up I saw none less of the but beautiful blue green eyes that belonged to the Evan more beautiful Harry styles . He was just looking at me still on top of me and I thought I should say something . Uh could you like please get off of me your kinda heavy compared to me . Oh right sorry he said getting off of me and brushing him self off. Hi I'm alexa I said as I held out my hand and he shook it introducing himself hi I'm Harry. Nice to meet you Harry I said. Hey wait a minute arnt you the girl from the concert he said . Uhh yah why ? I am sorry if you felt uncomfortable when I winked at you . No not at all ,your cute when I said that I blushed realizing what I just said. Harry winked at me again and smirked with a grin and let his dimples show. OMG he is so cute I thought to myself I could tell Madison was looking at zayn Harry still looking at me and then he asked for my number and I put it in his phone and he put his number in my phone. Then he kissed my cheek and we said our goodbyes.then I went to bedbut before I did I texted Harry goodnight and then went to sleep right away.
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