Just Us Too

Alexa is just your average girl brown hair brown eyes. Alexa has just gotten out of school for the summer. She goes with her friend to see a one direction consent what happens when she falls unloved with one of the boys will the hate get too her. Or is her love stronger than hate to find out read just us to.


8. Meeting the boys

2 weeks later


lexies POV:


So today I am meeting the boys, I am very excited because Harry and I are now dating and he is a very romantic boyfriend. We have gone on three dates in the past two weeks. I was changing into my purple Hollister top and black skinny jeans with my hot pink toms when all of the sudden my phone beeped. It was a text from Hazza. He was asking me when I was stopping by to meet the boys. I told him that I would be there in 30. He replied you See u there ;).


 30 minutes later

I just arrived at Harry and Louis' flat. I walk up to the door and ring the  doorbell. Harry answers and as soon as I saw him I wraped my arms around him and pecked him on the cheek. I walk inside and see 4 boys on the couch. Louis Liam Zayn and my cousins favorite Niall.








were standing there looking at us like we were crazy . Then Harry told him that we were dating and that's why I was hear I was off thinking to myself when Harry asked me something I looked at him and told him to say that agin " what movie do you want to watch" "oh ...uh how about finding nemo " I said aloud I have always love that movie Louis screamed "YAHHHHHH " after I said that so we all jumped on the couch and we were sitting I this order Lois and Liam were sitting next to each other Harry and I were sitting on the end and Niall and zayn were sitting on the other end. I had my head in Harry's lap and about thirty minutes into the movie I fell asleep on Harry. Harry's POV : So about 30 minutes into the movie alexa fell asleep so I picked her up and carried her into my room she had her head in my chest. When I putt her on my be she rolled over and I got into the bed and I had my arms wrapped around her she sleeps so peacefully so I kissed her on the forehead. Then I fell asleep with my arms wrapped around the woman I love.
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