Just Us Too

Alexa is just your average girl brown hair brown eyes. Alexa has just gotten out of school for the summer. She goes with her friend to see a one direction consent what happens when she falls unloved with one of the boys will the hate get too her. Or is her love stronger than hate to find out read just us to.


10. Fun in the sun

Lexis POV :

Today Harry and I are going to the beach with the boys I am so exited I think I should invite Madison I haven't talked to her since last week. So I walked over to my phone and texted her.

Lexi: hey mad I was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach today with me and the boys

Yes I told her about the boys because I know I can trust her then it took a couple minutes sor her to reply.
Mad<3 : shire sounds like fun what time should I come bye !!!

I replied in an instant

Lexi: about 3:00 is that cool with u !!!!

Mad<3: yah sounds perfect see you soon!!!!

With that I put my phone down and went to wake up Harry and tell him to get dressed because Maddie is going to be hear in 2 hours since it was 1 now so I kept shaking him and telling him to get up " fine if you don't want to get up you can't see my new bikini" I replied with a smirk on my face. Harry sot out of bed and ran toward me and said " how long do I have " and I started laughing my ass off when I calmed down I told Harry that I was joking and I wanted to get him up so then he started tickling me saying I shouldn't of done that " Harry get off of me.... I ... Can't ...... Breath please .... Stop!! Harry!!!!!!" I kept screaming for him to get off. When he finally got off of me I kissed him and told him to get dressed he listened and got dressed into his swim trunks while I got into my pink and blue tie die bikini then I put on some jean shorts and a hot pink tank to and Harry put on a tee shirt. We waited for Madison too get there to leave and once she got hear we left to go to the beach. The car ride was fun we were in Harry's Audi and we were singing along to the radio when we got to the beach Liam Louis zayn Niall and Eleanor dani and Perrie and the rest of little mix was there waiting of us. We walked over to them and sat down bye the girls and the boys and ran into the water all of the other girls except for me and Madison were all ready I there bathing suits and tanning so me and Maddie stripped down into our bathing suits and sat down next to the girls. " so how is every thing going I haven't seen envy of you for such a long while " I said hoping to get a good conversation out of it Perrie was the first to reply " little mix just released our first Album " " and I got a molding job for a magazine " dani said " wow that is so cool " I said with amazement. That's when Harry and the rest of the boys came over and picked all of us girls up and Carried us to the water and hears the order Maddie and Niall perrie and zayn Liam and dani Louis and Eleanor and me and Harry. They ran towards the water when they got into the water they dropped us into the water well Harry almost dropped me but I held onto his neck so he could not drop me then he bent down and kissed me. Then the boys behind us said " get a room " in a union . I started laughing and Harry put me down. when we got back home Maddie left to go home and Harry started kissing me then he moved to my jawline I pushed him away and said " Harry we can't do this right know .. Harry!!!" He started hissing my neck" you look beautiful you know I mean I can't take my eyes off you " Harry said " your not to bad yourself " I replied with a smirk. Then he started kissing my neck" I'm going to go take a shower so you can calm your self down ok" I said " can I join you " Harry asked. " fine lover boy but your keeping your bathing suit on " "uhh fine as long as I'm with you sweet cheeks " he said " yes but don't try anything ok" so we got into the shower and he kissed me on the lips while the hot water beat down on us. When we got out I decided to have a little fun so I went to go take off my top and asked Harry to untie the back of my bathing suit top so he walked over and untied it slowly then he started kissing my neck and then he moved to my jaw line then I turned my head and he kissed my lips I dropped my bathing suit top on the ground and Harry picked me up and brought me over to the bed and started kissing me the pace quickened and you can guess what happened next .
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